Are You Ready to Announce Your Pregnancy?

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    You're Too Excited to Keep a Secret

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    You've found out you're pregnant, and you can hardly wait to share your news. But is there a right time to announce your pregnancy? Before you blurt out your big news to the world or keep it a secret for several months, consider these scenarios that might affect your announcement plans.

    You're overjoyed and want to tell everyone when you find out you're pregnant. That's perfectly understandable. Some announce their pregnancy as soon as six weeks, virtually the second they get...MORE a positive pregnancy test.

    Others take a different approach. They visit message boards to announce their pregnancy or share their news with one or two friends or family members to release some excitement, so they can share the news with a few and keep their secret from a majority of people at the same time.



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    You've Suffered a Miscarriage

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    It is devastating to you and your significant other when you suffer the unthinkable. If you've ever gone through a miscarriage after you've told everyone you're pregnant, you know how emotionally obliterated you feel to have to go back and "un" tell everyone. And there are some who will find out your news through others and will undoubtedly ask you how you and the baby are doing long after your miscarriage. You may be extra cautious about spreading the news the next time you...MORE find out you're pregnant.

    On the other hand, many women who've been through a miscarriage decide they want to tell everyone early because they want support, prayers and thoughts. You may decide you'd like your closest friends and family to share in your exciting news, so that you can lean on them with your fears, share in your early appointments when you hear the baby's heartbeat and get early ultrasounds and tests that check for genetic anomalies. Your support system can be invaluable, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

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    Someone Close to You is Having Trouble with Fertility or Miscarriages

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    Your sister-in-law is struggling with infertility issues. A friend recently suffered a miscarriage. It's easy to think everyone will be thrilled about your pregnancy. But if you have someone close to you who is having trouble conceiving or has suffered a miscarriage and you find out you're pregnant, tread lightly. Yes, she should be happy for you, and she probably will be in her own time. But it's a very fine line to walk because of her personal struggles.

    If you're telling...MORE everyone around her your pregnancy news, consider telling her first and separately. Announcing your pregnancy in a group setting with her in the room finding out with everyone else can cause her to feel a whirlwind of emotions, including jealousy, anger and even betrayal.

    Sharing your news with everyone but her can also create friction. Your pregnancy news will likely get back to her at some point, and she may have a negative reaction to your pregnancy that can cause your relationship irreparable damage. If you're telling everyone, consider telling her too and first. That way, she has time to process your announcement. It's important to remember, her feelings are not truly related to you and your pregnancy personally. She's going through a difficult time and will probably feel like everyone around her is getting pregnant while she's going through a private hell.

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    You Work Outside the Home

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    Telling your co-workers about your pregnancy can be a fun experience. They can get just as giddy about your news as you are and will immediately begin to plan your work baby shower. Announcing your pregnancy can also help ease your burden at work on the days pregnancy is slowing you down or keeping you at home. Most of your co-workers will be sympathetic if they know you're pregnant.

    However, you can also go through workplace injustice if you're pregnant. If you're up for a promotion,...MORE all a boss might see is you being out on maternity leave right after you get the promotion and a new pay raise. It doesn't make it right, but it does happen.

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    You're Not Ready for All the Advice

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    Whether you're having your first baby or your fourth, when you announce your pregnancy, be ready for endless advice. From which side of your stomach you should be sleeping on to what to eat, you'll hear a wide variety of advice you didn't necessarily ask to hear.

    Keeping your news private or limiting it to a few close friends and family can spare you from the endless, sometimes unwanted advice. Whenever you do tell everyone, brace yourself because the suggestions and old wives'...MORE tales are coming your way. And if you find the unsolicited advice somewhat annoying now, wait until your baby arrives.

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    You Want to Surprise Everyone

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    It may be hard to keep your little secret once your stomach starts getting bigger. You might start showing a visible bump that can't be hidden between 12 and 16 weeks. By the end of your pregnancy, you may look like you've swallowed a watermelon or four.

    Of course, everyone will be surprised whenever you tell them. If you're really good at keeping secrets, follow this Utah couple's plan, who surprised Grandma with their big news nine months into the pregnancy.

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    You Want to Hold Onto This Secret as Long as You Can

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    Some parents-to-be can't keep a secret. And they don't want to. They begin announcing their pregnancy right away.

    But it can be a lot of fun to know you're keeping the biggest secret of your life between you and your significant other. It's also a wonderful experience for you as a couple to share in this joy together without anyone knowing, at least for now.

    Once you share your secret, it's out there. There's nothing wrong with keeping your pregnancy a secret until...MORE you're firmly in the second trimester. Everyone will know you have a baby on the way soon enough.