Annuals are typically planted in the spring and grow, bloom, and die all within a single growing season with the goal to produce seeds for future plants and flowers.
Sweet annie plant with bright green lacy leaves on thin stems closeup
How to Grow Sweet Annie Plants
Amaranthus plants mixed with feathery flowerheads and different colors
10 Popular Amaranth Varieties to Grow for Flowers or Seeds
dusty miller
Silver Dust Plants Add a Silver Glow to Gardens
Purple waffle plant with gray-green and veined leaves next to pebble stones
How to Grow Purple Waffle Plant (Red Ivy)
closeup of caladium leaves
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Amaranth plant with small burgundy flowers on small tassels in front of silvery-green leaves
Growing and Harvesting Edible Amaranth
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How to Grow and Care for Purple Shamrock (False Shamrock)
love in a mist flower
How to Grow and Care for Love-in-a-Mist
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Growing and Caring for Regal Geraniums
canna lily
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Climbing flowers and vines on a trellis
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Luffa plant with rolled fibers on dark green leaves
Growing Luffa in Your Garden to Make Your Own Natural Sponges
Milk thistle with purple flower and marbled leaves
Identification and Removal of the Invasive Milk Thistle
Jewelweed plant with small orange and red flowers on thin stems surrounded by large leaves
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Millet Plant Profile
White Lace Flower (Orlaya grandiflora) in a meadow
How to Grow and Care for White Lace Flower
Flax flowers with light blue petals closeup
How to Grow and Care for Flax Flowers
Basket flower with bright purple thistle-like petals with cream center and buds closeup
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Flax plant with blue flowers closeup
How to Grow and Care for Flax Plants
Chia herb plant with tall stalk and tiny purple flowers on top
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Scarlet tassel flowers with scarlet-orange pompon petals on thin stems
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Popcorn plant growing outdoors
How to Grow and Care for Popcorn Plants
Blow-wives (Achyrachaena mollis) wildflowers
How to Grow and Care for the Blow Wives Wildflower
Silene viscaria plants with small pink flowers on thin stems and thin foliage surrounding
Viscaria Plant Profile
Phlox drummondii with pink flowers closeup
Phlox Drummondii Plant Profile
Heliotropes arborescens plant with purple flowers
How to Grow and Care for Heliotropes
Quinoa plant stem with tiny flower and seed clusters
Save money and learn how to grow quinoa at home!
Pineapple lily with white flowers closeup
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Nierembergia plant with small purple saucer-like flowers and yellow centers closeup
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creeping zinnia
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Peanut plant with peanuts on ends of vines
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Purple annual flowers blooming and pinching old flowers closeup
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fuchsia celosia
Celosia Flowers May Be the Strangest Annual in the Garden
Zinnia elegans
What Is an Annual Plant?
Papyrus plants with clumps of umbrella-like grassy rays hanging over water
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Blue ageratum with blue flowers and bees
Consider the Blue Ageratum for a Burst of Color
Dianthus plant with clusters of pink-purple flowers
How Can an Annual be Hardy?
Common poppy field with red and pink flowers and buds in between
How to Grow the Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
Field of mexican marigolds with orange flowers
African Marigold: Plant Care & Growing Guide