How to Use to Find an Apartment

3rd Avenue building - New York City
Philippe Marion / Getty Images is "the free apartment search dedicated to apartment renters," aiming to "take the hassle out of your apartment hunting experience."

Where It Covers includes listings for apartments across the United States.

How to Perform a Basic Search lets you find an apartment by searching for one directly or browsing based on geographic area.

To perform a search, type the name of a city and state, or ZIP code into the search box near the center of the screen. Then, click the green "Search" button.

You can also browse apartment listings by state. Just click on your preferred state on the map at the right. Or, select a state or top metro area from the list further down on the page.

Viewing Apartment Listings

The search results include a summary of each relevant apartment listing, based on the parameters you selected.

Click on any summary to view the entire apartment listing. Each listing should include information about available apartment types along with location information (including a map) and a list of features and amenities. Some listings also include photos and other helpful information, if available.

Pursuing Apartment Listings

If an apartment listing on interests you, you can call the number included in the listing to inquire. The listing will typically include the leasing office's hours, for your convenience.

Available Mobile Options currently doesn't offer any dedicated smartphone apps. Also, doesn't offer a mobile site.

However, you should be able to access the site's listings and use its search engine while on the go from a smartphone or tablet computer.

How to Perform an Advanced Search gives you the option of performing an advanced search from a metro area page. Click "Advanced Search" and then choose your preference for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, rent limitations, and neighborhoods, if you wish.

Helpful Search Tips

Here are some tips you should follow to find what you need more efficiently.

Click the "Map" tab toward the top-right of a listing to view its location on a map. If you wish, click below the map to get driving directions.

Below your search results is a listing of local businesses that may be of use to you.