Apartment Glossary

Learn the Meaning Behind Common Terms

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When you look for an apartment, and even while you live in one, you're likely to come across certain words that you haven't seen before. Whether it's a word you noticed in an apartment ad or a term you heard in a conversation with a landlord or broker, it's important to know the lingo.

To help you, here are some quick, easy definitions of common apartment-related terms:

Apartment-Related People

There are many types of people involved with apartments, and sometimes individuals take on different roles. For example, you might go from being a prospect to an applicant to a tenant, a landlord could become a slumlord, and a tenant may choose to be a sublessor.

Here are the definitions of terms for some apartment-related people you should know:

Apartment-Related Places

Do you know the difference between a galley kitchen and an eat-in kitchen? Find out what these and other terms for apartment-related places mean:

Apartment-Related Things

You might know what a bunk bed is, but what about a Murphy bed or a trundle bed? Here are the definitions of terms used to describe apartment-related items that you're likely to encounter:

Apartment-Related Concepts

In addition to tangible items, there are several concepts you should become familiar with when you're looking for or living in an apartment. Following are the definitions of some important ones:

What About the Word 'Apartment'?

You no doubt know an apartment when you see it, but can you define it? The term is more complex than you might think, and it has taken on two different meanings. Find out exactly what an apartment is.