10 Apartment Living Tricks Every Renter Can Perform

You don't need to be a magician to pull these off

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Many apartment dwellers look for ways to help them get the most out of their apartment living. If you're one of them, you know you can't just wave a magic wand and have your rent obligations disappear, or recite a spell and see your apartment suddenly become beautifully furnished. 

But there are tricks to enhancing your apartment living that you can perform at little or no cost. These tricks may seem like magic in the way they help you save money, avoid hassles, or make your life easier, but they're things that most any renter can do.

Apartment Living Tricks You Can Try

Here are 10 tricks you can perform that aim to improve your apartment living in some way:

  1. Make your apartment look and feel bigger. Making your apartment bigger would probably involve some sorcery. But making your place look and feel bigger is certainly realistic. With smart planning and careful decor decisions, you can transform your limited space into a clutter-free, inviting haven.
  2. Break your lease without breaking the bank. You might have a valid reason for wanting to get out of your lease, such as the need to relocate because of a job, marriage, or divorce, or perhaps you're buying a new home. If you must break your lease, find out how to limit, if not avoid, a penalty from your landlord.
  3. Get your landlord's attention when you need it. Not all landlords are professional or courteous enough to respond promptly when you need an appliance fixed, a pest problem treated, or a neighbor dispute resolved. Try using these communication tips to help ensure you get the prompt attention your situation requires.
  4. Make it seem like you don't live alone. Many apartment dwellers choose to live alone instead of sharing their place with roommates. If you're one of them, you don't need to advertise that fact to potential stalkers, thieves, and other criminals. A few tweaks to your answering machine's outgoing message can help keep you safe.
  5. Dry off faster after a shower. If you're disappointed with your bath towel or find you always need two of them to get dry after a shower, you've got an alternative to consider. Find out if a "bath sheet" is the right choice for you.
  6. Turn your toilet into a conversation piece. Chances are, your toilet seat is plain and generic, but many apartment dwellers don't realize it doesn't have to be this way. You can change the color, material, or design of your toilet seat to enhance your bathroom's decor or even serve as a conversation piece with guests.
  7. Squeeze money out of your air-conditioning units. If you've got air-conditioning units in your apartment, chances are it has settings such as fan speed, auto, and timer. Many people don't use all the features their air-conditioners have to offer, but taking a moment to understand and adjust your units' settings can let you stay as cool as you need to be while also keep your electricity bill down.
  8. Fight rodents even if you're squeamish. No one wants mice or rats in their apartment, but some renters have trouble with even the thought of rodent disposal. Fortunately, if you're squeamish, there are some options designed for you.
  9. Fix your own toilet problem. Nearly every apartment dweller experiences a clogged toilet. If this happens to you, you may be able to fix the problem and get your toilet operational again without having to get your landlord or a plumber involved, thanks to a plunger.
  10. Use a ceiling fan to warm your apartment. Most people think of fans as something you use to cool off. But many ceiling fans come with a switch that enables the fan to serve the opposite purpose, which can come in handy during colder months. If your apartment has a ceiling fan, find out if it can help you keep your apartment warm.