16 Apartment Patios That Shine

apartment patio

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Just because your apartment patio is on the smaller side doesn't mean that you can't style it to look absolutely stunning. There are plenty of ways to make the most of this petite outdoor space so that you can truly enjoy it, whether hanging solo or hosting friends. We've rounded up 16 gorgeous apartment patios that truly do not disappoint!

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    Roll Out a Rug

    apartment patio

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    If you thought area rugs were just for indoor spaces, think again. A timeless jute looks amazing both inside and out and helps anchor this patio seating area. Plus, it makes hanging outdoors sans shoes much more comfortable!

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    Work Your Walls

    apartment patio

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    By all means, get your patio walls in on the decorating fun! You can use them to display baskets and other favorite finds to add a little more personality to your patio. Just be mindful of the elements—don't hang anything outside that could easily become weathered or damaged by rain or sun.

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    Hang String Lights

    apartment patio

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    String lights instantly make any outdoor space feel more festive. Hang several long strands on your patio for added ambiance.

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    Mix Those Patterns

    apartment patio

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    Don't be afraid to mix patterns just like you would in an indoor space. If you're a maximalist or color lover, there's no reason you can't continue displaying your favorite hues outdoors. Throw blankets, pillows, and rugs are all excellent ways to add pops of color to your patio.

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    Get Creative With Furniture

    apartment patio

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    If your patio is on the smaller size but you'd still like to find a way to enjoy meals outdoors, opt for a half moon table or one that folds down easily. This table is still large enough for two but has a much smaller footprint than most other pieces of outdoor furniture.

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    Accessorize, Accessorize

    apartment patios

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    Don't underestimate the power of accessories. A plant, decorative ladder, and some hanging baskets all add a touch of coziness to this patio. Feel free to grab items from your living room if needed—shopping your own home is always the most affordable decorating route!

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    Get Streaming

    apartment patio

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    Love being able to enjoy your favorite shows at all times? Go ahead and mount a TV on your patio. This will turn your outdoor space into a cozy little home theater that's perfect for entertaining. We're sure it'll be the envy of the neighborhood!

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    Grow a Garden

    apartment patio

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    Don't forget the plants! Make your patio into a little garden and grow everything from herbs to flowers to tomatoes. You definitely don't need an entire backyard to put your green thumb to use.

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    Set Up a Coffee Table

    apartment patio

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    If your patio is large enough for a coffee table, go ahead and add one! It makes for the perfect versatile surface, whether you're using it as a dining table, playing board games outside, or even working from home.

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    Create a Mini Greenhouse

    apartment patio

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    Speaking of gardening, why not create a full on greenhouse-like setup on your patio? If you're a longtime plant parent or just beginning to add some green friends to your home, you'll enjoy having a dedicated space for all of your plant babies to thrive.

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    Line It Up

    apartment balcony

    Katie Urban

    If your patio is long and relatively narrow, take advantage of this layout by placing chairs in a row. This makes it easy to gather with several friends while taking in views of the nearby skyline.

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    Get Funky

    apartment patio

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    An egg shaped chair like this one is full of personality! Show off your style by adding bold accents like a leopard print pillow, a curvy side table, and a bold printed rug.

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    Don't Forget the Lanterns

    apartment patio

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    Lanterns add so much charm to any patio and are ultra practical, too—you'll easily be able to enjoy this space into the nighttime hours, whether you're curled up with a glass of wine and a book or finishing some work on your laptop.

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    Add Lots of Light

    apartment patio

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    For added pizzazz, you can even string some lights around your outdoor furniture. Add some plants, macrame, and pops of pattern for a perfectly boho style vibe.

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    Set Out a Bench

    apartment patio

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    A long bench makes for an excellent alternative to several side chairs. It's a versatile piece that can be great for laying back and lounging (there's nothing like an afternoon cat nap in the sun!) but can also hold several guests when you entertain.

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    Style a Shelfie

    apartment patio

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    Have a petite bookshelf that you don't have a use for indoors? Go ahead and turn it into a plant stand on the patio! Fill it with your favorite brightly colored pots for an eye-catching display.