Use Apartment to Find Your Next Apartment Home

Online Tools to Help You with Your Apartment Search

White sofa in a living room in a rented apartment
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There are lots of online search tools to help you with your next apartment search. With so many available, it's hard to know which ones are worth using and which ones might cause more frustration. Before you turn to some of the typical websites, check out this review of an apartment search tool from CORT - Apartment - the company that specializes in furniture rentals.


If you're searching for the perfect apartment, Like most apartment rental search tools, Apartment allows the apartment seeker to select their preferences, including number of bedrooms, price range and whether a rental allows cats or dogs (you can choose either or both).

There's also an amenities preference section that allows you to check boxes for specific apartment features such as washer and dryer, fitness room, fireplace, and parking. The search is fairly basic, but really, when you're starting to hunt for your new home, often you just want to see what's out there. I find with many of the search tools, the preference list can be too long and too specific. Before you start searching, make sure you know what your preferences are and what you can do without. For instance, you might need a place that will take cats and, of course, in a certain price range with two or preferably, three bedrooms.

Once you've entered in your preferences, including the city you want to search, and hit the search button, a list of apartments appears along with a map. The map is situated at the top of the page for a handy reference, with apartments listed below. The options are to search the map, clicking on an icon to get more information or scrolling the list of properties.

If you choose to use the map, you can quickly see where apartments are located and then find more information, such as apartment name, address, size (by number of bedrooms and bathrooms) and a photo. The one item that was missing and is essential - at least for me - is the price. In order to see those kinds of details, you have to click the link on the small info box.

You'll need to do a right click in order to open up a new tab; otherwise, you end up having to hit the back button or clicking on "back to search results". Both options end up resizing your map so you need to zoom back in and try to find where you were and which apartments you already looked at.

The list view is a little easier to use and provides more details in the quick view, including price range. There's also a link on each listing that you can click to take you to its location on the map. A nice feature for sure, but the problem is, you lose where you were on the list, making it hard to keep track of what you've already viewed.

Like some other apartment rental search tools, Apartment Search displays only large apartment complexes without any real indication whether there are units available or not. Plus, you have to contact the landlord through the website's form, meaning that you have to create an account and draft a note. Both of which might be too time-consuming. Plus, you might prefer to contact the landlord directly via telephone or by email so you can keep track of who you contacted through your email sent box.

This site does offer a reward system wherein if you do rent through their site you could receive a hundred or more dollars.


Other information that is missing is information on the neighborhood you're searching and any rental comparison tools.


  • Easy search tool with just the right amount of options/preferences
  • Some deals are posted by apartment owners


  • Only displays large complexes
  • No way to see availability
  • Have to contact the apartment owner through the site
  • Didn't like their apartment listing page; difficult to view properties and get the information I need