Fun Apple Party Games

Candied apples on stick on plate.
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Whether you're planning a harvest season party, taking the kids apple-picking or throwing a birthday bash any time of year, the apple is a sweet theme for a kids' celebration. If you're hosting one of these events, check out these apple party games for your list of fun activities. 

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    Apple Balance Race

    Young girl balancing an apple on her head

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    For this race, players have to balance an apple on the palm of one hand and run from one point to another without dropping the apple. Any player who drops his apple must return to the starting spot and start over. 

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    Apple Barrel Passing Race

    Basket of apples on the ground

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    Divide kids into two teams. Have each team line up in side-by-side fashion. Place a barrel full of apples at one end of each team’s line, and an empty barrel at the other end of each line.

    On the go signal, the players directly next to the full barrels pick an apple out of the barrel and pass it to the teammate next to them. The apples are then passed down the line, from one player to the next. The last players in line, standing directly next to the empty barrels, drop their apples in the barrel as they receive it. After dropping the apple into the barrel, those last players in line run and take a new place as the first in line. They then take another apple from the full barrel and pass it down the line.

    This cycle continues until all of the apples have been transferred from one barrel to the other. The team that is the first to achieve this, wins.  

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    Apple Teeth Relay

    Girl carrying apple in her mouth

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    For this fun relay race, divide players into two teams. Place enough apples so that you have one for each player on a table. Have the teams stand behind a starting line that is several feet away from the apple table. Teams must race, relay-style, to bring all of their apples from the table back to their team’s starting place.

    The trick is that the players can’t carry the apples in their hands, but rather must pick them up in their mouths and run back to their team and drop them off without ever actually touching the apples. The first team to collect all of their apples wins.  

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    Apple Toss Race

    Hand tossing apple

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    Have the kids stand behind a line and give each one three apples. Place a bucket a few feet away from the line. Players try to toss their apples into the bucket. Score one point for each successful apple toss. The players who score the most points win the game.  

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    Musical Apples

    Green and red apples in a sack

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    This is an apple-themed version of the traditional party game of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, however, kids will circle and sit on buckets or sacks full of apples.

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    Apple Slingshot

    Young boy putting an apple into a sling shot

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    Set up a target in the yard. Then, create a slingshot that is many feet away from the target. Have players place their apples in the slingshot and launch them at the targets.

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    Worm in the Apple

    Two kids crawling through cardboard box

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     To set up for this game you will need a large box. Open the box on two sides. One the remaining “walls” of the box, draw and color in the shape of an apple (make it large enough to take up almost all of the space, so it looks like a giant apple). Play some music and have kids line up and crawl through one of the open sides and out of the other. These are the “worms” crawling through the apple.

    Stop the music every few moments. The child caught inside of the apple when the music stops is out of the game. Keep playing like this until only one player remains; they are the winner. 

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    Caramel Apple Walk

    Apple next to can of colored pencils

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    Inspired by a creative apple party at Play Party Plan, a caramel apple walk is a fun game to play at the end of your party, so kids can take home their caramel apples as favors. To play, cut out several apple shapes out of red paper. Write the names of different types of apples on the cut-outs.

    Tape them to the floor to form a path that players will walk on as music plays. Each time the music stops, call out the name of an apple. The player standing on that apple wins a caramel apple. Keep playing until everyone has been handed a caramel apple party favor

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    Mr. Apple Head

    Mom and child making caramel apples

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    Here is a fun apple party craft that is also an edible treat! Set up a table with apples and a variety of toppings. Use caramel or caramel flavored frosting for kids to use as the glue for the toppings. Challenge them to use the toppings to make their apples look like characters.

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    Apple Scavenger Hunt

    Different varieties of apples

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    Before your party, gather several different varieties of apples (e.g., gala, fuji, granny smith, red delicious). Label them accordingly and then hide them around the party space. Then, divide guests into two teams and give them each a list of the apples they must find. The first team to collect all of the apples on their list wins the apple scavenger hunt.