Appliances and Gadgets That Will Simplify Companion Bird Care

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    Appliances and Gadgets That Will Simplify Parrot Care

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    There are gadgets, tools and appliances that will help out immensely in streamlining bird care. If there is an easier way to do it, why not take advantage of what these gadgets do? Life is more pleasant and gives you more time with your flock when you spend less time trying to keep your home picked up. 

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    Upright Dust Pan

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    It seems to me that I am constantly bending over to do something in regard to looking after my home, the floor or yet again scooping Parker off of the floor and yet again putting him back on his play gym. This upright dust pan just might save you all of that bending over when you're sweeping the floor. 

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    Food Processor

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    I cannot tell you how much time this will save you when you’re chopping fresh vegetables to make food for your birds. Especially if you’re making Chop or Grain Bake. Get a heavy duty quality brand food processor. It’ll last forever and it cuts your chopping time like you wouldn’t believe! 

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    A Hand Vacuum Cleaner

    Image Courtesy Of Dyson

    A hand vacuum cleaner will allow you the ease of making those spot cleanups when it’s inconvenient to pull out the vacuum cleaner or the vacuum isn’t practical to use such as the horizontal surface of a play gym. These are rechargeable and will simplify your life immensely. I  happen to like Dyson, because of the quality, but any good hand held vac will work. 

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    A Blender

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    I absolutely adore using my blender for making homemade ground flours out of quinoa, brown rice and spelt. For some reason this works better to grind grains for flour than a food processor. It’s a snap with a blender! Once again, shop for quality and it’ll be the only blender you’ll ever buy. 

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    Extra Spray Bottles

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    These are wonderful for quick cleanups as well as using a homemade vegetable wash to clean your more delicate produce such as watercress and parsley. Spray bottles have a tendency to wear out so keeping extras is a great idea. They are handy to have for cleaning fluids. You can also use them to give your bird a shower. Many now come with a markable area where you can write the description of the contents. That way you don’t lose track of what’s in the bottle. 

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    Solid Wood Cutting Board

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     I happen to prefer a solid wood cutting board to the plastic ones even though it has been said that the plastic ones are more hygienic. You can keep a wood cutting board for years if you take care of it. Thorough cleaning, and a moisturizing treatment using an oil every once in a while ensures it remains in good shape. 

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    Herb Shears

    The Webstraurant Store

    Herb shears are terrific for cutting up wheat grass as well as the finer, more delicate produce such as watercress and parsley. You can even find single blade or multi-blade herb shears that really do a job on your herbs. 

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    Sharp Knives

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    I cannot stress how far you’ll go with a set of sharp knives. This is important for your safety as well as ensuring you get the chopping job done rapidly. A sharp knife is safer than a dull one. 

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    Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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    My Mom used old diapers as cleaning cloths for years after my brother and I were out of them. She simply hung on to them and used them to clean windows and walls. But this was before microfiber cloths were invented. Microfiber cloths are simply wonderful and pickup small bits of crud like a magnet. 

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    Storage Bin For Newspapers

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    A waterproof storage bin for newspapers is wonderful for keeping those newspapers for the bottom of the cage. You have a place to store them and you aren’t searching for a newspaper to replace the cage papers. It helps organize your home as well as having a “go to” spot to place those papers once you’ve read them. 

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    At Least Four Food And Water Bowls For Each Cage

    Image Courtesy Of Bonka Bird Toys

    Extra water and food bowls for your cage are a must have! It’s so much easier to have these on hand so you can quickly prepare fresh food and water dishes and swap out the used dishes for fresh dishes quickly. You can then rinse out the used dishes and either wash them thoroughly or place them in the dishwasher for a good cleaning and sanitizing. 

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     I love using toothbrushes to clean the nooks and crannies when sprucing up a cage. They work like you wouldn’t believe and get that dried poop and crud off of the bars and out of the way. They are really great for getting dried food bits off of a play gym as well.