Applying for a Marriage License in St. Lucia

Requirements, Fees, and Waiting Period

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St. Lucia is a beautiful sovereign state in the West Indies and a port of call for cruise ships. Wedding planners are available at all resorts and tour operations to help you obtain a marriage license and ceremony. However, marriage is limited to heterosexual couples only as of 2019. As laws, fees, and requirements are subject to change, you must verify all information with the local marriage license office before making any wedding or travel plans.

ID Requirement

In St. Lucia, you must make your application to be married through a local solicitor to the Attorney General or notary who will prepare and sign your marriage license. Documents required include your passport and birth certificate. The documents must be in English and original or officially certified as a true copy of the original. If you've changed your name, a Deed Poll or relevant documents are necessary. If one of the parties is under the age of 18, you will need proof of parental consent.

Residency Requirement

You do not have to be a permanent resident of St. Lucia. However, you do have to be in St. Lucia for two days before your wedding unless you pay for a same-day marriage license (which is usually available only for weekdays). It is recommended that the Attorney General receive your application about four working days before your wedding date. Most couples find they can't get everything all together for their wedding until the fifth day of their trip to the island.

Previous Marriages

If you've been married before, St. Lucia requires that you show a Proof of Dissolution if you are divorced. If you are a widow/widower, then you will have to provide a copy of your former spouse's death certificate.

Religious Ceremony

If you want to be married in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Castries, you need to have your local parish priest contact the cathedral to make sure you meet their requirements.

Waiting Period

St. Lucia has a waiting period of two business days for civil marriages. This allows for the Publication of Notice. Religious marriages will have a longer waiting time as the publication of banns must be read three times in the church at intervals of at least one week or by posting the names of the bride and groom at the church door for 15 days before the wedding date.

Weddings cannot take place on holidays or weekends and must be performed between sunrise and sunset.


There are quite a few fees to contend with while in St. Lucia:

  • Notarial fees and marriage license (express option is significantly higher)
  • Registrar fees
  • Marriage certificate

It is recommended to talk with the wedding planner at the hotel where you plan to stay to verify the costs of your wedding.

Same-Sex Marriages in St. Lucia

Same-sex marriages are not legal in St. Lucia as of 2019. In addition, the island nation has laws against same-sex sexual activity for males, but not for females.

Parental Consent for Minors

You must be at least 16 years old to get married in St. Lucia. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to show evidence of parental consent in the form of a notarized sworn affidavit.