Apps and Websites for Grandparents

Find Crafts, Identify Birds, and Be a Better Babysitter

As our families get older and technology evolves, it can be difficult to keep up with new apps and websites. Even everyday smartphone uses like learning how to text, using slang and emojis, or searching for an answer on Google can prove to be complicated. Thankfully, there are many apps and websites that are perfect for beginners and the elderly. Introduce your grandma or grandpa to some creative uses of technology on devices like the iPhone, iPad, and more.

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    Child using a tablet with his Grandpa
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    Pronounced pee-ee-kay-uh, this website offers apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. These family-friendly and fun features include close to a hundred crafts. Generously sized thumbnails make the list easy to scan, and the directions are clear and easy to follow.

    Experience art with the grandchildren by enjoying activities that introduce kids to great artists like Piet Mondrian and Georges Seurat.

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    fun activities for grandchildren at Seussville
    Courtesy of Seussville

    Get inspired by Dr. Seuss. The Seussville website offers a dozen or so games based on the books. There are also plenty of additional educational and fun activities to enjoy. You can get information about the author and buy his books as well.

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    little peanut on the go app for grandparent babysitters
    Courtesy of Little Peanut on the Go

    Little Peanut on the Go is designed for parents and grandparents. It allows parents to easily and safely share information with someone who is caring for a child.

    If you're a grandparent who loves to babysit your grandchildren, you'll appreciate the idea behind this app. Whether you're missing a crucial piece of information about your grandchild or need a quick packing list for their belongings, LPOTG can help you stay organized.

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    Khan Academy for grandparents and grandkids
    Courtesy of Khan Academy

    Khan Academy can help you and your grandchild with homework. The non-profit also works with partners to create online resources that are as much fun as they are brain-expanding. For example, you can learn about animation with Pixar or do science experiments with the Exploratorium. Plus, it's perfect for learners of all ages.

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    app for grandparents to identify birds
    Courtesy of Merlin

    If you enjoy hiking or other nature activities, you'll love this app. Imagine you're on a walk with the grandkids and you see a bird. "That's a shrike," you'll say, "or a cormorant or a cattle egret." When you're out and about, you can get stumped. With Merlin, however, you can determine the right answer.

    Designed by the famous Cornell University Ornithology department, the app asks you just five questions before generating a list of possible species. It uses...MORE GPS technology to also zero in on birds that are likely to be in your particular area. Additionally, there is a feature that allows you to take a picture of the bird and find a possible identification using a two-step process.