April Activities for Kids for the Month of April

Amazing April: A Month-Long Calendar of Activities

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Is April the cruelest month? It's rough on calendar-makers, for sure. There are so many themes and special days in April that it's a great learning opportunity for your kids. Here’s the list, with many suggested activities to go with each theme, holiday or special day!

April is:

  • Autism Awareness Month
  • International Guitar Month: Learn how to teach kids to play guitar.
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month: Know the basics of child abuse prevention and how your child can protect himself.
  • Frog Month: Is a frog a good pet for your child?
  • Lawn and Garden Month: Spark an interest in container gardening for kids.
  • Humor Month
  • Math Education Month
  • Records and Information Management Month
  • Stress Awareness Month: Discover ways you and your child can cope with stress together.

April Holidays and Special Days to Celebrate

April 1: April Fool’s Day

  • Learn about the origin of April Fool’s Day
  • Giggle over Google’s April Fool’s Day pranks and shenanigans.

April 2: International Children’s Book Day

  • Find a way to get your kid reading!

April 3: Find a Rainbow Day and Get Outside Day

April 4: Tell a Lie Day

    April 7: No Housework Day and World Health Day

    • Avoid housework by going out to eat with the family. (Here are some tips of how to entertain your kids at the restaurant, too!)
    • Explore the history and accomplishments of the World Health Organization with your child.

    April 8: Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
    April 9: Name Yourself Day

    • Use the "Baby Namer" to let your child choose a name for the day.

    April 10: Young Writer’s Day

    April 11: Barbershop Quartet Day and National Submarine Day
    April 12: Children’s author Beverly Cleary’s birthday
    April 13: Scrabble Day

    April 14: International Moment of Laughter Day and Look Up at the Sky Day
    April 15: Titanic Remembrance Day and Rubber Eraser Day

    • Learn about the Titanic disaster and discover some unusual facts about the Titanic.

    April 16: National Eggs Benedict Day; National Librarian Day and National Stress Awareness Day

    • Make this hard-boiled Eggs Benedict Casserole with your child.

    April 17: Blah, Blah, Blah Day

    • Time to do all those things other people have been nagging you to do.

    April 18: International Juggler's Day

    April 19: National Garlic Day
    April 20: Look Alike Day

    • Aside from the obvious of finding someone to try to dress like him today, your child can also take the opportunity to learn about why identical twins aren’t as identical as he might think.

      April 21: Kindergarten Day

      April 22: Earth Day

      April 24: Pig in a Blanket Day

      • Make "mummy dogs" for dinner.

      April 25: World Penguin Day

      • This day seems to correlate with the migratory patterns of penguins, (who do not fly, but rather waddle to their new destination. In celebration of their journey, watch a penguin movie as a family.

      April 26: Richter Scale Day

      • Learn more about Charles Richter, the inventor of this important measure of earthquake magnitude.

      April 27: Tell a Story Day

      April 28: Poetry Reading Day
      April 29: Japanese Greenery Day
      April 30: National Honesty Day