25 April Fools' Jokes to Play on Your Kids

Fun, family-friendly jokes to trick your little one with

April Fools Jokes to play on kids
Want to get some laughs out of your preschooler? Try some of these family-friendly April Fools' jokes to play on kids. Hello Lovely/Taxi/Getty Images

If anyone should have a good time on April Fools' Day, it's your preschooler. Always happy to be part of a joke, make her laugh when you you play some of these family-friendly April Fools' Day pranks on her this April 1. Happy silly fun!

  1. Mismatch the socks in his drawer, or, use a safety pin to link them all together so when he pulls out a pair, he'll get a laundry-line full of them.
  2. If you've got a fun activity planned for April Fools' Day -- if you are going out to dinner or taking a trip to the aquarium or some other happy outing planned -- tell your little one you are doing something boring instead, such as going wallpaper shopping or taking a trip to the dentist. Enjoy their reaction when you pull into ​the lot of your enjoyable activity instead of the dreaded one.
  3. Toilet paper her room while she sleeps. If you don't feel like cleaning up that mess, fill it with helium balloons instead.
  4. If your child brings a lunch or snack from home to school, place a couple of plastic bugs in his lunchbox.
  5. Unscrew the cap of the faucet on your bathroom sink. Place an Easter egg dye tablet there and then screw back on. Watch your child's reaction when colorful water comes out of the faucet!
  6. Before you go to bed on March 31, turn random household items such as picture frames, knick knacks, vases, cups and more upside down.
  1. Add a few drops of food coloring to your milk carton or container. Watch your preschooler's face as it pours out into her cup! Alternatively, just add some food coloring to the bottom of a clear glass. The liquid will change color as it is poured in.
  2. Freeze small gummy bugs into ice cube trays and watch what happens when you give your preschooler a glass of ice water. Make sure that he doesn't accidentally swallow the bug whole!
  3. If you child asks for a glass of water, be sure to serve in in a plastic cup that you have already sabotaged with tiny pin holes int the bottom!
  4. Switch clothing with your spouse and see if your little one notices that mommy is wearing a tie and daddy is wearing a skirt!
  5. Does your child like to eat cereal in the morning? Swap out the bag of his favorite cereal with yours. See how long it takes him to notice that his beloved Cheerios aren't in his bowl.​​
  6. Here's another cereal one. The night before April Fools' Day, fill a cereal bowl halfway with water and then freeze. On April 1, take the bowl out of the freezer and proceed to make cereal in it as normal. Hand to your preschooler and have a laugh when she can't get to the bottom of the bowl.
  1. Have fun with dinner, by serving these Spam Cupcakes--they look sweet, but they are actually a savory meal! (If you aren't a fan of Spam, substitute mini meatloaves instead!
  2. Tape googly eyes or mustaches to common household items or food in your refrigerator. Think cups, egg and milk cartons, doors, pictures in picture frames, etc.
  3. Is your a little one a sound sleeper? In the middle of the night, move her from her bed or turn her around in her bed so her feet are on her pillow and her head is where her feet normally go.
  4. If you have some of your child's outgrown clothing still boxed up in the attic, replace his current threads with the too-small ones. Marvel at how big he has gotten when he tries to get dressed.
  5. Superglue a couple of coins to your walkway. Point them out to your child as you head out the door. See what happens when she tries to pick them up!
  6. Swap around the clothes in her dresser -- put socks where the shirts go, underwear in the pants drawer, etc.
  7. Poke a hole inside of an apple. Place a gummy worm inside. (This also works with chocolate pudding.)
  1. Slice a banana without opening it and then hand it to your preschooler. Be sure to watch her face as she peels it!
  2. Tape a dollar bill to the inside of the toilet paper. When your preschooler unrolls the TP after using the toilet, she'll get a surprise!
  3. Fill a cabinet or drawer that your preschooler always opens with lightweight balls.
  4. Take her stuffed animals or dolls and line them up outside the bathroom like they are waiting on line to get inside. You can also fasten a favorite doll or stuffed animal into her car seat.
  5. Switch all of her shoes in her closet with yours and vice versa.
  6. Stuff the front of all his shoes with tissues so he can't get his foot all the way in.