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30 Reasons to Celebrate in April

Unusual Holidays and Other Reasons to Smile This Month

Easter table setting
Westend61 / Getty Images

As we leave March behind, we find that spring flowers have started to bloom, the days are getting longer and winter's chill is fading away. Still need more reasons to celebrate? We've created an April calendar full of holidays and other quirky reasons to make your month a little bit happier. 

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    April 1 - Easter and April Fool’s Day

    Father tickling daughter
    Paul Bradbury/ Caiaimage/ Getty Image

    As always, April Fool's Day falls on the first, so you can kick off the month with some lighthearted pranks. These April Fool's Day pranks for dads are sure to get your kids laughing. Remember that pranks can sometimes escalate, and not everyone enjoys being the butt of a joke, so take care to respect the wishes of those people who don't want to participate. A practical joke that everyone can enjoy? Prep some fake-out foods like a mashed potato "sundae" or "fried egg" cake. 

    Oddly enough, this year, April 1st is also Easter (but don't feel compelled to fill those plastic eggs with anything but candy–that would just be a mean prank!). Hosting an Easter brunch or dinner? We've rounded up our favorite ways to decorate the table, some fun DIY projects for kids (and adults!), plus some delicious dishes to cook for brunch or dinner. Now what to do with all those hard-boiled eggs... 

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    April 2 - PB&J Day

    peanut butter jelly pops
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Peanut butter and jelly is a lunchroom staple, so it's no wonder the sweet and savory sammie gets its own day of celebration. Browse our favorite ways to enjoy this flavor combo.

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    April 3 - National Chocolate Mousse Day

    Hungarian chocolate mousse
    Antidiskriminator/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

    Both airy and decadent, chocolate mousse makes for a romantic dessert, whether you're prepping dessert for two or looking to impress a crowd. This particular chocolate mousse recipe originated in Hungary and has a backstory as seductive as its flavor. 

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    April 4 - World Rat Day

    pet rats
    Chris Scuffins / Getty Images

    Though you may shudder at the thought of them lurking in your kitchen, rats actually make great pets! They are intelligent, social animals that are easily tamed and trained. Still not convinced? Learn more about Rattus norvegicus and find out if they are the right pet for you.

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    April 5 - Caramel Day

    caramel candy
    sandrakavital/ Twenty20

    On this day we celebrate a classic chewy candy. Learn how to make classic caramels from scratch or try your hand at one of our favorite, more unusual, caramel candy recipes.

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    April 6 - Hostess Twinkie Day

    Celebrate twinkie day
    Kim Kozlowski Photography/ LLC Moment Open/ Getty Images

    Believe it or not, Twinkies have been around for nearly 90 years (and some folks claim that Twinkies actually last forever). Despite Hostess filing for bankruptcy in 2012, it looks like Twinkies are here to stay. Looking for a more decadent version of this 1930s treat? Find out how to deep fry Twinkies, just like the ones available at country fairs. 

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    April 7 - National Beer Day

    Flight of craft beer
    Adam Sargent / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Beer has come a long way from its early days as a watered down, bitter beverage and the craft beer movement has introduced people to varieties beyond the standard American lager. To celebrate National Beer Day, skip your go-to six pack and opt to try a new brew. From stouts to sours, there are 90 different styles, and thousands of different beers to sample. For those of you who "don't like beer", we ask that you give the humble brewski one more shot, and try a style of beer with characteristics like your favorite beverage. 

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    April 8 - Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

    cristinairanzo / Getty Images

    Spring means more green, more flowers, and more birds! Whether you're an enthusiastic backyard birder or a dedicated hobbyist, almost everyone enjoys catching sight and sound of a pretty bird. Put your pencil to paper to capture the moment today. You don't have to be artistic to enjoy this activity–this moment can be just about taking some time for yourself–you deserve it!

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    April 9 - Celebrate Bacon Month

    skillet bacon
    Lauri Patterson/ E+/ Getty Images

    We've said it before: bacon makes every recipe better. April is actually bacon MONTH, so what better time to learn the right way to cook perfect, crispy bacon or try a new recipe that incorporates America's favorite breakfast meat. To celebrate, we've rounded up seven tasty ways to cook with bacon. Some might sound a little odd (bacon muffins, anyone?), but trust us—you just can't go wrong with bacon. 

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    April 10 - National Siblings Day

    sisters talking
    sarahwolfephotography/ Moment/ Getty Images

    They may have annoyed us when we were younger, but few people know us as intimately as our siblings. Take a moment today to call your brother or sister and reminisce about all those times you drove each other (and your parents) crazy.

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    April 11 - National Pet Day

    fotografixx/ E+/ Getty Images

    From the humble goldfish to towering quadrupeds, pets are there to comfort us when we're feeling low, provide unconditional love and often entertainment. Sure, they might be a little weird and sometimes misbehave, but here at The Spruce, we consider pets to be part of our families. Give your furry (or scaly, or feathered) friend a little extra love (and some treats!) today!

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    April 12 - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

    Grilled Cheese Social

    Whether we're talking about a simple slice of American cheese on white bread or aged brie on sourdough, grilled cheese always makes lunchtime awesome. Whip up one of these grilled cheese sammies for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert to celebrate.  

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    April 13 - Scrabble Day

    scrabble pieces
    darby/ Twenty20

    "Wait, is 'quijibo' really a word?" Over the years, we've had our fair share of surprise triple word scores, heated dictionary deliberations and maybe some tile throwing (see: National Siblings Day). To pay homage to this game for logophiles, we've got some high-value words to help take your Scrabble game up a notch, plus some essential tricks from self-proclaimed Scrabble nerds. 

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    April 14 - National Pecan Day

    pecan pie
    Beau Lark/Fuse/Getty Images

    People have been enjoying pecans since the 16th century—George Washington was even reported to have been a fan! What better way to celebrate than to whip up a batch of pecan candies, a classic pecan pie, or some other pecan desserts. 

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    April 15 - Glazed Ham Day

    glazed ham recipe
    Joseph De Leo/ Taxi/ Getty Images

    There's more than one way to glaze a ham! Soda, maple syrup, pineapple,​ and honey are all tried and true ways to sweeten up a classic baked ham. Find out how to use up leftovers in a breakfast casserole or whip up a savory ham sandwich. 

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    April 16 - National Eggs Benedict Day

    Close up of Eggs Benedict with liquid egg yolk and bechamel sauce, served with potato
    Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

    What's brunch without Eggs Benedict? Rich Hollandaise sauce, a perfectly yolk-y egg, a fluffy biscuit, and thick slices of Canadian bacon make up the classic dish that'll have you licking your lips before noon. Unsure how to poach an egg? No need to worry, we'll help walk you through the process, step by step.

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    April 17 - Tax Day

    paperwork on desk
    Sam Edwards/ Getty Images

    Okay, doing your taxes isn't exactly fun, but our pals over at The Balance have all the info you need to get back your biggest return ever. Learn about common tax filing mistakes, and find out when you can expect your tax refund plus advice on how to make the most of that extra cash. Once you've dropped the forms off at the post office (or hit submit online) it's time to celebrate—you won't have to worry about itemizing your deductions until next year.  

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    April 18 - Pet Owners Independence Day

    human and dog bond
    Laura Stolfi / Stocksy United

    Do you own a pet? Then this holiday is all about celebrating YOU! Whether you're a cat lady, a dog dad, or have a whole family of tail-wagging, purring, all around cuddly friends, you'll surely enjoy taking a day to lounge in a sunny spot, walk in the park, or do whatever it is that your pet loves doing, too!

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    April 19 - National Garlic Day

    whole garlic
    Ana Pelaez/ Moment/ Getty Images

    After butter and salt, this vegetable ranks among our favorite ways to add flavor to a dish. Garlic is surprisingly simple to grow, and can thrive in a vegetable garden or planters. Learn the right way to crush garlic and the best way to roast it to add layers of umami to your meal, like in this garlic roasted chicken leg recipe. 

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    April 20 - National Garden Month

    garden table with succulents
    Charityvictoria/ Twenty20

    April is National Garden Month, and what better way to celebrate than by planting some flowers or veggies. For those folks born without a green thumb, try your hand at low maintenance perennials like coneflowers or these hard-to-kill houseplants. No yard? Learn how to create an indoor herb garden or grow your favorite plants on your balcony or porch in containers.  

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    April 21 - 60 Days Until The First Day of Summer

    Summer countdown
    Resolution Productions/ Getty Images

    ​Spring is in full swing, but even warmer days are right around the corner. Today marks sixty days until the first official day of summer, so plan ahead: get your grill in tip-top shape, start pulling lightweight clothes out of storage, prep your pool and brainstorm some fun summer activities.

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    April 22 - Earth Day

    Ariel Skelley/ Brand X Pictures/ Getty Images

    Our Mother Earth may only officially get one day a year, but we should try to protect our plant every day. See our favorite ways to live greener today, creative ways to upcycle old items and simple tips to start composting. Learn some interesting facts about Earth Day and plan some fun activities with your family.

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    April 23 - National Picnic Day

    picnic blanket under tree
    Dougal Waters/ Getty Images

    Pack a picnic lunch and soak up some early spring sunshine today. This sandwich is perfectly portable and these desserts are great for eating on the go. Add some lemonade and you've got a feast fit for spring. 

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    April 24 - Pig in a Blanket Day

    breakfast pigs in a blanket
    Leah Maroney

    Pigs-in-a-blanket may feel a bit dated, but adding a few tweaks to the hot dog + wrapper formula totally changes the dish. Try these breakfast pigs-in-a-blanket, this Filo wrapped frank or a whip up a traditional British sausage roll for a fun take on the classic appetizer.

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    April 25 - World Penguin Day

    Mark Pollard / Stocksy United

    Forever dressed in formal attire and waddling around, penguins are charming oddities of the bird world. There are actually eighteen distinct penguin species which are found on four different continentsLearn more about these aquatic, flightless birds.

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    April 26 - Pretzel Day

    Pretzels in a bowl
    Owen Franken/ Corbis Documentary

    Pretzels may a go-to snack for modern-day sporting events, but origins of this baked good can actually be traced back to monks in the Middle Ages. Delicious dipped in mustard or chocolate, wrapped around a hot dog or shaped into a roll, this salty baked good is a bit tricky to make from scratch but well worth the effort. 

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    April 27 - Arbor Day

    Family planting a tree
    Zing Images/ Getty Images

    Established in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton, Arbor Day is a holiday where people are encouraged to plant trees. While you may not be able to plant a towering oak tree in your backyard, consider donating to the Arbor Day Foundation, or volunteering to help plant trees in your local parks or community.

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    April 28 - World Vet Day

    vet holding a cat
    Hero Images/ Getty Images

    Going to the vet is never very fun (for your pet or your bank account), but veterinarians are essential—not only by keeping your pet healthy but also by monitoring and treating animal disease in the community, which keeps everyone, human and animal, safe. Learn more about different kinds of vets. 

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    April 29 - Peace Rose Day

    peace rose
    KJRSeattle/Wiki Commons

    A popular hybrid tea rose, the Peace rose certainly will bring beauty to any garden. Find some time to get outside today (and bring the kiddos along!) and plant these beauties while the sun is shining. Love roses? Check out all the other varieties that are available for a stunning garden.

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    April 30 - Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

    adopt a shelter pet
    Camille Tokerud/ Getty Images

    If you're looking to add a pet to your home, visit your local shelter or use a service like PetFinder to see what animals are available for adoption in your area. Shelters often deal with an influx of kittens and puppies in the spring and may even offer reduced adoption fees to help place more animals in homes. If you don't have the space for another critter you can still help—by volunteering to walk dogs or by donating old linens, newspapers and other items.   ​