Aquamarine Engagement Rings For Every Budget

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    At Diamondere...


    I've always thought of aquamarine as a very bridal-friendly gemstone—at my own wedding, I wore an aquamarine ring, bracelet, and earrings as my "something blue." Though I was wearing it on my right hand, many mistook the dainty east/west, emerald-cut aqua ring as a "second" engagement ring and I had to set them straight. But in hindsight, it absolutely could have been. So if you're considering a colored stone engagement ring, I'd say aquamarine is a lovely choice. While not as hard or chip-proof as a diamond, it's  7.5 rating on the Mohs scale isn't too shabby. Learn more about aquamarines,

    First up, three blue beauties: a clean, modern solitaire, a vintage-inspired emerald-cut design with diamond florets and a wide wedding band rimmed in aqua accents. From left: 14k white gold Willis ring with a .35-carat round aquamarine center stone, $448; 14k white gold and diamond Sylvana ring with a 4.93-carat aquamarine center stone, $3,345; and 14k white gold and aquamarine (1.2 carats total weight) Eloise wedding band, $680, all Diamondère

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    From Suna Bros...

    Emerald-cut aquamarine
    Suna Brothers

    Dive in: The rarest, most precious aquamarines reveal a vibrant, almost-magical color reminiscent of a Slim Aarons poolscape or a David Hockney painting. Platinum and diamond ring with a 6.70-carat aquamarine center stone,

    $11,000, Suna

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    At Twist...

    Cathy Waterman Design

    Whether the aquamarine’s a rich, saturated blue or displays a delicate pastel hue, emerald cuts show off an aquamarine’s best features like nothing else. In this example, the stone shines from a platinum setting of scalloped, diamond-set prongs with diamond side stones and a pavé diamond band. Cathy Waterman Aquamarine Scalloped Frame engagement ring, $8,260, available at Twist 

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    From Buddha Mama...

    Aquamarine & pink sapphires
    Albert's Fine Jewelry

    An east-west setting detailed with a perforated floral motif and the brightest pink sapphires make this engagement ring a super-feminine—and fantastically ornate—option. 20k gold ring with 27-carat, cushion-cut aquamarine center stone, pink sapphires and diamonds, $12,900, available at Albert’s Fine Jewelers

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    From Jane Taylor...

    Baguette band
    Jane Taylor

    Swimming pool-blue baguettes and matte white gold: This stunning eternity band beautifully captures the unique synergy between clean lines and color.14k gold Cirque collection eternity band, $2,540, Jane Taylor 

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    From Omi Prive...

    Aquamarine & diamonds
    Omi Prive

    An ocean of possibilities beckons from the depths of this exquisite ring’s brilliant, impossibly bright blue centerpiece. 18k rose gold and diamond ring set with a 5.32-carat aquamarine, price upon request, Omi Privé

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    From E. Shaw Jewels...

    Ice blue aquamarine

    A natural wonder, featuring a large, luminous, ice cube-like gem in the softest pale blue. Sterling silver ring with an 8.2-carat raw aquamarine, $120, E. Shaw Jewels

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    From Suzy Landa...

    Aquamarine & gold beads
    Suzy Landa

    This charming ring displays an array of textures and shapes: Smooth gold beads mingle with the fiery flicker of diamonds and the crisp, seafoam step-cuts of the aquamarine center stone. 18k yellow gold ring with a .88-carat emerald-cut aquamarine and diamonds, $3,080, Suzy Landa

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    From Erica Courtney...

    Intricate design aquamarine
    Erica Courtney

    Reptilian romance: A swirling pavé diamond snake with sapphire eyes details the basket and shank of this extraordinary design. Platinum Serpent ring with a 26.88-carat aquamarine, price upon request, Erica Courtney

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    From Gumuchian...

    Celtic influence

    This intricate engagement ring design places a “floating” oval-cut aquamarine at the center of a stylized quatrefoil-shaped frame. Platinum Bryant Park engagement ring with a 1.22-carat aquamarine center stone and diamonds, $4,600, Gumuchian

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    At Barneys...

    Satin-finished gold and aquamarine

    Satin-finished gold adds a modern element to this classic style featuring one of the designer’s signature, singularly beautiful rough-cut stones. Irene Neuwirth 18k yellow gold and pavé diamond ring with a 3.61-carat aquamarine, $8,495, available at Barneys