Is an Aquarium in the Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

Understand the ramifications on your personal energy

Little girl's hand reaching into a fishbowl with fish

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An aquarium or a fish tank in the bedroom is considered bad feng shui for several reasons. To easily understand why, let us look at each of these two components separately - the feng shui of a bedroom and the feng shui of an aquarium - then see if the two combined make a good feng shui match.

Good feng shui in the bedroom is of paramount importance to one's health, well-being, and personal energy. The higher the quality of feng shui energy you have in your bedroom - healthy, sensual, calming, nourishing - the higher the quality of your own energy.
We have numerous resources on good feng shui in the bedroom; below are a few helpful tips.

The Water Taboo

There are several feng shui taboos for the bedroom, water element being one of them. The feng shui water element is expressed in numerous ways: from big mirrors to images of water, as well as, of course, an actual water feature, such as a fountain.
Why is the water element not good feng shui in the bedroom? If you connect to the healing and very powerful energy of water, you will sense that water is healing because it does a lot of clearing and cleansing -- and not just on the physical level. However, Feng shui energy-wise, water presence is considered to bring the energy of worry and grief into one's bedroom. The water element also overpowers the fire feng shui element much needed for a good sensual bedroom (and honest communication between partners), thus the energy of one's love relationship may cool down over time.

The water element is also expressed in mirrors and mirror-like surfaces, so if you have big mirrors in your bedroom - especially a mirror facing your bed - make a note that this can create challenging feng shui.

Aquariums and Feng Shui

Now, let's look at the aquariums and their use in feng shui. Traditionally, aquariums are considered a wealth and money feng shui cure. This is why you can see them in the majority of Chinese restaurants and many Asian banks.

Of course, there are detailed guidelines as to the best use of the aquarium as a feng shui cure, and this is where specific numbers, such as 7 or 9, come into play as well as the use of specific fish, such as arowana or koi fish.

The energy of a good feng shui aquarium is calming, yes, but it is also active and quite powerful, as it has constant movement. To the feng shui element of water discussed above you are also adding the energy of fish, as well as the energy of aquarium vegetation.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, an aquarium in the bedroom is not good feng shui because its main elements - water, fish, vegetation, as well as the constant movement - weaken the "cocooning" energy you want in the bedroom as well as the nourishing energy of sensuality, stability and firm grounding.