Are Dried Flowers Bad Feng Shui?

Understand the feng shui of dried flowers in your home

feng shui of dried flowers
The feng shui challenge with a dried flower is to keep its energy fresh and keep it special. When placed on an altar, or dried in a special way, it becomes your very own feng shui symbol. Caroline Schiff/Getty Images

Question: I have done all efforts to research about dried flowers being bad luck so I emailed you. My sister-in-law was in my house and saw the dried roses I have kept and told me to throw it out because it is bad luck. But since they were given to me by a special someone, I want to keep it. Until last week, when another person came and saw it and said the same thing. I want to hear from you, should I get rid of it?

Answer: Good question, thank you for asking! This reminds me of an experience I had while teaching several feng shui sessions at the local university health conference. There was an unusually high number of the same question coming from different people at different times, and all of them were about the bad feng shui of dried flowers.

So naturally I just had to know why all of a sudden everyone is concerned with the "bad feng shui" of dried flowers! When asked, I was told that a clutter-clearing speaker at the same conference mentioned that dried flowers are very bad feng shui and you have to get rid of them.

Insufficient information is often worse than no information, and it does make me sad to see how many stereotypes and wrong ideas are out there about feng shui. The sad part is that by stereotyping - or ridiculing! - such an ancient body of knowledge, people are missing on a powerful opportunity; the opportunity to change the quality of their lives with feng shui.

You mentioned the flowers were given to you by a special someone and you would like to keep them. Now, tell me, how can this possibly be bad feng shui? The ancient feng shui masters had a very beautiful saying - "Trust what your heart is thinking."

Ask your heart what it is thinking about your dried flower.

If you feel beautiful, healing energy connected to it, then, of course, keep it, and treat it in a special way. When placed on an altar, for example, a dried flower becomes your very own feng shui symbol of something very dear to you, thus it will keep holding good energy as long as you take good care of it.

People have been drying plants and flowers since time immemorial for various healing purposes, was that bad feng shui? Lavender is a great feng shui flower that we use in dried form so often, is lavender bad feng shui? Of course, not!

The feng shui challenge with a dried flower is to keep its energy fresh and keep it special, as most of the time people keep it as a special memory. It is also important to let it go when you feel you do not need it anymore. There is no specific timeframe here, it maybe one month for some people and years for others. We all have different timelines in dealing with the energy of powerful emotions and feelings.

If you decide to keep your dried flower, have a special place for it and do not get it lost in the dust of many items that are not needed or not looked after. This is when dried flowers can become bad feng shui and start creating clutter. Keep your dried flowers as long as you actually see them and love them, and when the energy is not there anymore, feel free to let them go.

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