Are Ladybugs Good Luck in Feng Shui?

Two ladybirds
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Ladybugs are considered a symbol of good luck and happiness in many cultures all over the world. You may recall fond childhood memories of these precious creatures. It felt so fortuitous when a tiny single ladybug chose to land on you, as a reminder of your own unique and special place in the world. In feng shui practices, we acknowledge symbols from nature as powerful teachers for us. Learn about what ladybugs represent and how they can be used to enhance the feng shui of your home.

Feng shui is an ancient art of how to work with the energy of your spaces to improve the flow in your life. The practice of feng shui originally comes from China, however it is studied throughout the world, so naturally the modality goes beyond Chinese symbols. While it’s not a traditional image, feng shui principles can be applied to the symbol of the lucky ladybug.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Ladybug

Ladybugs are a type of beetle. They have a bright red (or orange) hard, round, and dome-shaped shell dotted with spots of black. They are generally harmless to humans, and have been a friend to plants and farm crops because they feast on aphids and other problematic insects that infest plants. Therefore, they are considered protective for plants and farmers. 

Ladybugs are considered omens of good fortune and prosperity around the world. Children and adults are equally delighted to find them. When you do find one, it’s almost like the little ladybug found you to wish you good luck.

Ladybug on forget-me-nots, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, UK
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Feng Shui & Ladybugs

Color is an important tool in feng shui to give us insight about the energetic qualities of symbols. The ladybug stands out with their bright red (or orange) color and black spots.

In feng shui, red is the most auspicious and lucky color. It’s related to fire element energy, one of the five elements. Fire is related to vitality, expansion, and it attracts positive qi (life force energy). Red and fire energy stands out with its vibrancy. Similarly, the image of the ladybug is a bright and vivid contrast to most of the colors we see in our environments. 

In feng shui, bringing red into a space can invite dynamic and prosperous energy. These qualities also apply to the fiery orange variation of ladybugs. The color red is also protective, which goes hand in hand with the way that ladybugs can protect plants and farm crops from pests. 

Black is also part of the ladybug coloring. The black dots on the red shell give the ladybug a unique appearance. In feng shui color theory, the color black is connected to the water element. Water element symbolizes wisdom, elegance, flowing energy, and the black water energy also helps to tone down the fiery red qi. 

Using the Ladybug Symbol in Your Home

If you love ladybugs, this auspicious symbol can be included in your home’s feng shui to shift and improve the flow of luck and prosperity. 

Ladybug Artwork

Some people have always been drawn to the ladybug as an animal totem. We suggest you listen to your intuition on this. You can include the imagery anywhere in your home to invite and honor your special kinship to the ladybug as an omen of good blessings and auspicious qi. 

Front Door

The front entry of your home is how energy enters your home and life for you and your family. In feng shui, it is powerful to make adjustments with lucky talismans and images at the front door. The ladybug can be a cheerful symbol to include in this location if you are attracted to it. Try placing a ladybug image in or around your formal entry to invite good fortune as well as protection.

Children’s Room

Ladybug images in a child’s room make perfect sense. There are so many cute figurines, stuffed animals, and children’s artwork that can add cheer and joy to a kid’s room. Even a storybook can be included to enhance the feng shui of a space for good luck and protection. Plus, you can deepen the meaning by sharing your own personal childhood stories and connections to this good luck symbol.