Are Owls Good Luck in Feng Shui?

Barn Owl in flight
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Owls are revered birds that are often connected to the mysterious and magical world (think Harry Potter). Many cultures connect this creature of the night to insight, wisdom, and intuition. Owls are also considered to be messengers for the truth and enlightenment.

Feng shui is a metaphysical system that comes from China that examines how you can live in harmony with nature and your environment. When you are in tune with your space, you can find more ease and mindfulness to be present in the moment. One way that you can be curious about feng shui is to look at the teachings from animals. Animals, like the owl, live in kinship with the natural world. Humans are also part of nature, so we can look to the owl and learn from this unique bird to understand ourselves better. 

The Symbolic Meaning of the Owl

The owl is a nocturnal raptor (meaning a bird that preys on animals) that is found all over the world on every continent. Different cultures have varied meanings for the owl, sometimes fortuitous and other times as an ill omen. The owls and their connection with darkness and night-time activity naturally lean towards symbolic meanings associated with yin energy , the moon, and the unseen spirit world. 

Owls have large eyes and the awesome ability to turn their head all the way around to see behind them. This physical attribute is a nod to their connection to insight and the ability to see the truth behind any obscurations and obstacles. They can also see through the darkness of the night.

The ancient Chinese depicted owl imagery in their artwork, but were generally thought to be considered omens of bad luck. Some Japanese artwork depict the owl as a brave protective warrior that is always ready and on guard. On the other hand, in Western culture, the owl is the animal of wisdom. In Greek Mythology, the owl accompanies Athena, who is the goddess associated with intellect. Owls also show up in stories, movies, and so on, related to the esoteric side of life. 

Three owl figurines and a small plant perched on a brick window sill with green leaves in the background

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Are Owls Good Feng Shui?

In the modern world, it’s helpful to research the historical precedence but also balance that with your own intrinsic wisdom when it comes to symbols. We encourage you to look within yourself and take a moment to step beyond the inclination to lean on a binary judgment of whether something is “good” or “bad”. Instead, what do owls mean to you? If you have a disinterested or neutral feeling, go with that. If you are drawn to owls, then this symbol is probably meaningful and helpful as an animal to bring into your home as a feng shui enhancement. However, if you have a negative association with owls, then it may be good feng shui to explore the curiosity about what the bird brings up for you. 

Feng Shui Applications for Owls

Regardless of the meaning, owls have been a popular home decoration motif for some time. You can find owl imagery in the form of figurines, wall paper, and artwork. From adorable to serious, it can be included in your home’s feng shui. If you have a connection to the owl or would like to bring more vision, wisdom, and intuition in your life, try out some owl images in your home.

Front Entry

The entry of your home represents how qi (life force energy) comes into your life. One of the meanings of the owl is that of protection as well as the ability to see the unseen. You can place an owl image in the entry of your home to guard from any invisible disruptive energies that might enter. The owl can keep their big eyes on your front door.

Activate Career Area

In feng shui, we have an energetic map that you can overlay on your home’s floor plan called the feng shui bagua. There is one area that is called Kan (or the Career area) and it’s related to your path in life as well as the water element. You can locate this position in your home and activate it with the owl symbol. The owl’s proficient navigation of the night can enhance your water element so that you can flow smoothly in your work.

Your Altar

An altar is a special place that you set up in your home where you can place self-cultivation tools like crystals, a meditation cushion, and other spiritual reminders. If the owl is meaningful to you, this would be an ideal place to locate an image of the owl.