How Are Rudraksha Beads Used in Feng Shui?

Rudraksha Mala Prayer Beads

VSanandhakrishna/Getty Images

Rudraksha beads are not one of the most popular or well-known feng shui cure. In most accurate terms, rudraksha beads are not a traditional Chinese feng shui cure; many feng shui followers adopt it from the fascinating world of Hindu culture. Nevertheless, the powerful rudraksha feng shui cure is gaining more popularity with both modern, as well as classical feng shui practitioners.


When used in feng shui, rudraksha beads are a reference to rudraksha seeds made from a sacred tree with the same name. The name Rudraksha is translated as The Eyes of Shiva (Rudra is another word for Shiva, and Aksha means eyes).

The name of the tree already gives much info about the essence of its power. Having with you the eyes of a mighty deity — eyes being the symbol of clear vision and awareness — is a powerful thing, indeed! It is said that Buddha was wearing rudraksha beads, as did many Indian yogis, Mahatma Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama.

You can find the powerful rudraksha feng shui cure in many New Age stores, most of the time in the form of mala, or 108 prayer beads. Sometimes rudraksha beads are also made into jewelry items such as bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Rudraksha beads can have many facets, each given its meaning.

The rudraksha with 5 facets is said to bring purification into one's life, clearing the personal energy of any past misdeeds and granting inner peace and calm. Interestingly, the rudraksha with just 1 facet is considered by many to be the most prized one because it allows one to enjoy all of life's pleasures and blessings while maintaining a healthy detachment from them.

The highest number of facets in a Rudraksha seed is 21, which symbolizes wealth and infinite blessings. These powerful rudraksha feng shui cures are quite rare and command quite a high price!

Rudraksha seeds can be worn in many ways, but the main use of rudraksha remains a deeply spiritual one. Prayer beads made of rudraksha seeds were used in prayer or meditation for many centuries, helping one connect to the infinitely transforming and creative energy of the Universe.

Before using your powerful rudraksha feng shui cure, it is considered necessary to purify and sanctify rudraksha seeds, which is customary in Hindu culture where rudraksha has deep spiritual associations. It is also customary to connect rudraksha seeds with a red thread, red being the color of powerful cleansing (think of fire), as well as an auspicious color in many cultures. The Fire element is also the sacred element of God Shiva, whose name is bestowed on these beautiful seeds.

Rudraksha's Feng Shui

In feng shui, rudraksha energy is often used for two main purposes — wealth and protection. In this respect, the use of rudraksha in feng shui can be somewhat compared to the use of Dzi beads. You can use rudraksha beads as part of your wealth vase content, or wear the beads in times of stress for personal protection.

If the energy of the powerful rudraksha feng shui cure speaks to you, where would you buy it and how would you use it? Along with many new age bookstores or specialized Hindu stores, you can also purchase rudraksha seeds online.

Apart from wearing male beads as jewelry — which is the most popular form — you can also display rudraksha beads on your altar or anywhere in your home where you would like to create a more peaceful, calm, sacred energy.

No matter which form of rudraksha beads you choose, be sure to always, always treat them with respect and care.