Are Slanted Doors Bad Feng Shui?

Understand what slanted doors are and what they mean in feng shui

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Is a slanted door bad feng shui? Is a door on an angle bad feng shui? As doors are extremely important in feng shui -- especially the front door -- it is good to know as much as possible about your door, as well as find various ways to strengthen its energy with feng shui.

First, let's agree on a clear definition of a slanted door, as well as of a door on an angle, as there seems to be a lot of confusion about the meaning of these two.  

For the purpose of this article, as well based on the most common use of these two terms - slanted door and a door on an angle -- we will use the two terms interchangeably. So, a slanted door, for feng shui purposes, is a door built on an angle to the wall on which it is placed.

In simple terms, a slanted door is a door that is not placed straight on its wall or is built as a connector between two main walls. You might often see angled front doors in Asian banks, for example, or retail businesses. Sometimes you see it in private residences, too.

Now that this is clear, let's have a very quick overview on the feng shui power of doors. Called the "mouth of Chi" in feng shui, doors have always been treated with much respect and even veneration in all ancient cultures. 

Guardians between the two worlds (inner and outer), protectors and powerful communicators - these are just some of the main energy attributes of a door. Take any old culture -- be it India, Morocco or China --  and think of the amazingly beautiful doors with intricate patterns, colors, designs, and hardware, too. These majestic doors evoke power, respect, awe, and are also very protective!

There is a big difference between the outer door (the front, or main door) and the inner doors in any given space.  The most powerful door, as well as the door that sets the energy for the whole space, is certainly the front door. This does not mean, though, that the inner doors have little power, not at all!

Badly designed inner doors - such as slanted inner doors, or a row of doors directly facing each other - can create havoc in the whole space. If you never paid attention to it, this might sound strange for sure. However, once you open your feng shui eyes (meaning understand what feng shui is and what it says about your space), you will see what a difference the doors make to the flow and quality of energy in your home (or office).

In the modern world, we have sure lost the respect and the understanding of the power of doors, so hopefully by exploring feng shui you can recapture this understanding, as well as use it to benefit your own space. 

All right, now we are ready for the answer to the simple question "Is a slanted door bad feng shui?" I wish I can just say "Yes" or "No" but, as often with feng shui, the answer is not so plain and simple. The right answer depends on several factors, including if you are speaking of a business/office or a private residence door.

Read further for all the feng shui info about slanted doors, as well as feng shui tips needed to remedy some slanted doors scenarios.

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