Find Arkansas Yard Sales

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Bargain-hunters are sure to find hidden treasures and special deals at some of the largest annual yard sales in Arkansas. One sale stretches for miles in the central part of the state, while another is based in Nevada County, but organizers plan to greatly expand the bargain-hunting event to include other counties. Or, if you want to stay home in your slippers and robe, you can shop at an Arkansas online yard sale right in your living room.

Bargains Galore on 64

Scour 160 miles of yard sales at the annual 'Bargains Galore on 64' sale. Started in 2000, Bargains Galore on 64 runs along Highway 64 from Fort Smith to Beebe. In addition to many yard sales, you'll see flea markets and antique dealers displaying their goods along the way. In 2019, the dates are Thursday, August 8 through Saturday, August 10.

"Designated a 'Travel Treasure' by "Southern Traveler" magazine, the event draws family vacationers and dealers, buyers and sellers alike," says the event's website. notes that the event, which closely parallels Interstate-40, provides easy access to motels, restaurants and other tourist services. The website adds that you can set up a table or sales tent any place along Highway 64, but you must secure permission from the property or business owner before doing so. For more info, email

Garage Sale Heaven on Highway 67

This relatively new annual event runs from Emmet to Gurdon. Though it started in Nevada County, organizers hope to expand the October event to include Clark, Hempstead, and Miller counties. In 2019, the date is Saturday, October 5.

"A garage sale normally isn’t considered newsworthy, but this one (stretches) from the Nevada County line at Emmet to the Clark County line along Highway 67," notes, a Hempstead and Nevada counties website, which each year provides details about the huge sale, adding that the event is patterned after the Bargains Galore on 64 sale.

Residents living on Highway 67 are welcome to participate and host a sale at their house, says Nevada County clerk, Julie Oliver. It is a good idea to make signs and plant them at the edge of the highway to notify motorists, Oliver says, adding that those who don’t live on Highway 67 but want to hold a garage sale along the route are welcome to do so.

Shop Online

If you don't want to fight the crowds, try the Arkansas Online Yard Sale. It's relatively new, but the website's Facebook page has already garnered more than 6,500 likes. Organizers invite you to post any item or service you have for sale. The site offers you a chance to shop for everything from entertainment consuls to canning jars -- without ever leaving your front door.