How to Arrange Two Twin Beds in a Small Room

Two twin beds in a shared bedroom space

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Are you currently in the process of designing a kids' bedroom or guest room that will feature two twin beds? Before you get stuck when it comes to configuration, note that two twin beds can be arranged a number of different ways. To help you get started, we're outlining six suggestions below.

Designer Roz Murphy shares piece of guidance that holds true no matter how you choose to place twin beds in a space. "When arranging twin beds, I prefer to have them as far away from the door as possible," she says. And, the designer adds, "It’s always important to find beds with height to create a larger sense of scale in the space."

Keep reading for six options for how to arrange two twin beds in a room.

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    Parallel With a Nightstand in Between

    twin beds on either side of a bedside table

    Leclair Decor

    With twin beds, there's only a need for one nightstand, which can be placed in the middle of the two mattresses. More than one nightstand beside a twin bed would appear too bulky in most spaces, so opting for an arrangement like this one is a classic. The style of bedside table you choose is entirely up to you; but opting for a piece with storage is always a smart solution, particularly if two individuals are sharing a room.

    Designer Jean Liu is a proponent of this type of configuration. "When trying to determine the best layout for twin beds, we recommend considering the walls in a room that allow for both beds to be share the same headboard wall, in addition to at least one night stand between them," she says. "In a perfect world, the beds are also on a wall that allows for a console or credenza to be on the opposite side of the room where a television may or may not be on top, so people can watch TV in bed."  

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    Pushed Together

    two twin beds side by side

    Studio Peake

    Placing twin beds side by side so that they share a headboard gives the illusion of a queen or king bed setup while still allowing two people to sleep individually. The beds shown here are made individually, but when a king sized comforter is placed over the two beds (two twin mattress equal a king), they can really be camouflaged to appear as one.

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    In an L-Shape

    twin beds

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    Placing beds in an L-shape allows for maximal space in the center of a room. This is a great setup for young children sharing a bedroom, as they can enjoy the open area is a play space. Keeping one bed tucked slightly under the other, as seen in this setup, is also a possibility. This setup also makes it fun for kids to talk to each other before lights out, as it's easy for little ones to look directly at each other without literally being side by side.

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    Bunk Beds

    twin beds

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    Bunk beds are tons of fun for kids sharing a room. Stacked beds take up less room in a space and may also evoke fond memories of camp and sleepovers. Individual children can still showcase their own personalities through the comforters and pillows they pick for their respective bunks.

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    On Opposite Sides of a Large Room

    twin beds

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    If your bedroom is a bit more spacious, consider placing beds on two opposite far walls and setting a small nightstand next to each. This is particularly ideal if your space features a long pathway, perhaps leading to a screen porch or deck, like the room shown here. Note that nightstands don't need to be ultra spacious to do the job; they just need to be large enough to house basic essentials such as a lamp, alarm clock, and carafe.

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    Parallel With a Dresser in Between

    Bedroom with two twin beds

    Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

    If a room is larger and a dresser can be placed between two beds, this is an even more optimal setup than opting for a nightstand. The dresser can still serve as a bedside table (and will allow each sleeper to have their own surface on which to place books, cosmetics, and the like) and will of course provide plenty of helpful storage. A long console table or desk could serve a similar purpose depending on the needs of those residing in the space.