How to Arrange Two Sofas in a Living Room

jessica nelson design

Jessica Nelson Design

Using two sofas in a living room is a timeless look and a practical way to seat more people, but creating a functional layout with two large pieces of furniture can be a challenge. When arranging two sofas in a living room, consider the aesthetics, the practicality of the layout, the room's natural focal point and how you use the space to determine what works best. Whether they are two identical sofas or a combination of a sofa with a loveseat, chaise, or even a sectional, the way you arrange them influences the atmosphere of the whole space. Check out our favorite ways to arrange two sofas to get ideas for your own living room.

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    Place Identical Sofas Opposite Each Other

    White living room with two identical deep sofas opposite each other

    Calimia Home

    For a classic and elegant look, use two identical sofas and arrange them directly opposite each other, as was done in this stunning neutral-toned living room designed by Calimia Home. Break up the sameness by using different throw pillows, and pairing square shaped sofas with more organically shaped furniture and accessories, such as the oval coffee table and oversized round pendant light in this space. Accent the arrangement with two occasional chairs for additional seating, and you'll have a symmetrical layout that's visually balanced and perfect for conversation.

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    Create an L-Shape

    A green and a gray sofa in a living room with a patterned rug

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    If you're working with an open floor plan and want to create two distinct spaces for the living room and dining room, arranging two sofas in an L-shape is a great way to build a visual barrier. Desiree Burns Interiors paired a rich green velvet sofa with a light gray one and anchored the space using a large area rug that ties everything together. When using two different colored sofas, one way to tie them together is through colorful throw pillows—if one sofa is green, use a couple of green pillows on the other sofa for continuity.

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    Mix and Match

    A gray and a pink sofa facing each other in a living room with a fireplace

    Jessica Nelson Design

    For a more eclectic feel, mix and match sofas that are a different size and shape, and upholstered in two different colors and materials. This living room is a great example of arranging two sofas to highlight the natural focal point of the living room, which in this case is a large wood-burning fireplace. This arrangement feels formal but using two different style sofas gives it a more relaxed and casual vibe well-suited to this home.

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    Use Identical Sofas

    Living room with two brown leather sofas

    @thehouseonhillsidelane / Instagram

    Two identical sofas such as these two low-sitting leather sofas in a living room designed by Danielle from House on Hillside Lane almost create the illusion of a sectional. This L-shaped arrangement provides the perfect set up if you have a TV in the room, as it's easily visible from both sofas and there is enough space for an end table by each for a convenient spot to hold drinks and snacks during a movie night.

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    Float the Sofas

    Blue velvet sofa and settee in a living room with a white piano and large arched wall mirror

    Katherine Carter Design

    When you float furniture in the middle of the room—which essentially means it's not positioned against the wall—the key is to anchor it with a correctly sized area rug, otherwise it literally will look like it is floating. This living room designed by Katherine Carter does this arrangement well, using visual repetition to create balance and continuity. The sofa and chaise feature the same lush velvet fabric, two similar style light fixtures illuminate the room and there are white decorative accents dotted throughout to visually bring the space together.

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    Combine a Sofa and a Loveseat

    A sofa and a loveseat in a living room with a tufted leather ottoman in front

    JK Interior Living

    If you have a living room that isn't used for lounging around and watching TV because you also have a more casual and comfortable family room, a formal set up that combines a traditional sofa and a loveseat is an elegant option. This living room arrangement designed by JK Interior Living clearly defines the space and follows its natural shape and straight lines, and separates it from the entryway and hallway that lead into the rest of the home.

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    Double Up

    Neutral living room with two sofas and two nesting coffee tables / Instagram

    Arrange two short sofas with two nesting coffee tables like in this cozy living room. When using sofas with clean lines and creating a linear layout such as this L-shape, break up all the straight lines with round coffee tables, an irregular shaped woven pendant light and plants for a more relaxed, natural and organic aesthetic.