Art Activities for Kids

Art activities for kids should be fun, easy and get those creative juices flowing. From messy art to simple projects, find a new art activity for you and your children to try today.
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    A picture of the flower pot babies art activity for kids
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Of course, your kids are perfect works of art. Show them how to make keepsakes out of their photos with the flower pot babies art activity. This low-cost project is a lot of fun and uses a variety of materials like paint, sheets of foam and pipe cleaners. They make great gifts for friends and family too.
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    A picture from a nature walk
    Photo © mikebaird / Flickr
    Nature is a free art supply store for your kids. From a twig raft to a funny face nature collage, there are many nature projects for kids to try. Each one gives your kids something unique to call their own. Best of all, you can try these during different seasons and have a completely new selection of art supplies from nature's store.
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    A picture of an outdoor painting art activity for kids
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Have your kids ever painted on a giant canvas? Have they ever gotten super messy and it just didn't matter because they were having so much fun? Get outside with banner paper and non-toxic paint to give your kids their own outdoor art studio. The best part is, clean up is a cinch. Hose the kids off or let them run through the sprinklers and the paint washes right off.
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    A picture of a child painting
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Too cold to go outside today? No problem. Tape banner paper to your wall and pull out the crayons or watercolors. This indoor art activity is a great way to fight the rainy day blues or as a calming pre-nap project. Just be sure to put something down to protect your floors if you're using an art material other than crayons.
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    A picture of a sponge painting art activity for kids
    Photo © abbybatchelder / Flickr
    When you think of the words "sponge painting," you probably think of the faux painting technique. But this sponge painting art activity is different and more fun. Start with your typical household sponges and gather cookie cutters of various sizes and shapes. You're going to create all sorts of fun sponges that can be used for indoor or outdoor art projects.
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    A picture of a 3D flower garden
    Photo © Valerie Everett / Flickr
    Grow a garden that doesn't require watering. it's a great way to preserve flowers and make something beautiful out of them. All you need to complete this project is a few items from nature such as flowers and twigs, plus a few craft items like pipe cleaners and construction paper. In about an hour, your kids will have a garden that will last forever.
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    Rubber Cement Art

    A picture of rubber cement art
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Kids as young as two will love this project. The only materials required are rubber center, paint, a paintbrush and paper. What your young artists end up with is a work of art that looks like it should be hanging in a museum. A little pre-art activity prep and dry time is needed so make sure you get everything set up before the kids are ready to paint.
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    A picture of foam heart animals
    Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Make the cutest heart-shaped animals out of sheets of foam. The tutorial covers a dog foam animal but can easily be adapted for any kind of animal. Complete your foam animal with goofy eyes and a pom pom nose. You'll have this little guy on display in your home for years. It also makes a great gift for grandparents, dad and friends.
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    A picture of a photo collage
    Photo © Apryl Duncan

    Get silly with the camera. The "I love you" photo collage is an art activity that gets the while family involved. Take pictures of your kids around town, playing in the backyard or on vacation. Take letters that spell "I love you" and create a unique photo collage. This art activity is not only fun to make, it's also one you can do every year as a keepsake that shows how much your kids have grown. It's also a great gift for grandparents.