7 Art Deco-Inspired Bathrooms That Make a Chic Statement

Who knew retro could be so luxurious?

stained glass window in art decor bathroom

Black Lacquer Design

Going for a Art Deco, or Style Moderne, look in a bathroom may sound like an extravagant endeavor, but you may not know that many classic bathroom features are rooted in Deco style. That makes cherry picking the particular elements that will make your heart soar a snap. For example, a traditional pedestal sink with a gorgeous marble topper is one easy way to tap into the Deco look. If that sounds like too heavy a lift, a Style Moderne-inspired wallpaper punctuated with a mirror influenced from the same period will give a bathroom a 1920s vibe. There are more ideas to consider, behold the following Art Deco-inspired bathrooms.

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    Wall Tile Inspired by the Art Nouveau Period

    Globe sconces over bathroom vanity

    Zoe Feldman

    Here is a pitch-perfect example of an Art Deco-inspired bathroom. Interior designer Zoe Feldman used black and white wall tiles in a layout inspired by the Paris Métro during the Art Nouveau period to set the stylish 1920s theme. The double console sink with a marble topper and polished chrome legs enhances the bathroom's Deco vibe. We mentioned earlier that geometric patterns were the rage in the 1920s. The marble flooring here is a modern take on a classic repeating Deco pattern. Finishing off the room's Art Nouveau appeal are the two modernist globe sconces with oil rubbed bases. They are reminiscent of 1930's Parisian street lighting.

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    Statement-Making Luxurious Art Deco Wallpaper

    Art deco inspired bathroom with marble sink

    Ken Fulk

    Classic Art Deco spaces combine luxurious materials and patterns, as shown in this stunning bathroom by interior designer Ken Fulk. On the walls is a unique tortoiseshell wallcovering by Casart Coverings. The sink is a spectacular black and white marble. The gorgeous brass knobs and faucets add another layer of visual decadence. These kinds of interiors are known for their striking chandeliers in bold, geometric shapes, and the minimalist ceiling fixture here pays homage to period lighting.

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    Classic Art Deco Bathroom Fixtures

    Art decor black and white bathroom

    Legacy Bath & Kitchen

    Tiny bathrooms and small powder rooms are excellent places to have fun with an Art Deco theme as this pint-sized space by Krishelle Hicks, owner of Legacy Bath & Kitchen, demonstrates. Here a fierce, black patterned wallpaper sets the tone. Metallic fixtures in gold or chrome, as shown, speak to the opulence of the Roaring '20s. Take a good look at the mirror and sink—geometric shapes with mostly sharp and occasional soft angles are hallmarks of the period. The classic basket weave floor tile made of marble is a timeless feature that is 100% Art Deco. When it comes to lighting, there are a variety of stylish options. The wall sconces with classic chrome detailing true to the 1920s are the finishing touch in this space. 

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    Pink and Black Tile That Screams Art Deco

    small Vintage Pink bathroom

    Red Egg Design Group

    The classic pink and black bathroom got its start during the Art Deco period. The Red Egg Design Group preserved the original tile in this time capsule example. The modest chrome sink fixtures and patterned wallpaper are both in step with the period. A show-stopping mirror is a must in any Art Deco-inspired bathroom. Here a pink marble beauty gets the job done.

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    Classic Art Deco Materials—Brass and Marble

    small bathroom with vintage character

    Park and Oak

    If you had to pick two different types of materials to anchor your Art Deco bathroom, you couldn't go wrong with brass and marble. The interior design team at Park and Oak installed several 1930s-inspired features made of the materials to complete the Art Nouveau look. Most notable is the marble pedestal sink with brass legs and fixtures. The modernist sconces next to the wood mirror evoke the period. Note the gray marble floor—the pattern is a contemporary take on geometric Art Deco flooring.

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    Classic Art Deco Color Scheme

    stained glass window in art decor bathroom

    Black Lacquer Design

    A pair of Art Nouveau stained glass windows are the crowning jewels in this Art Deco-inspired bathroom by Black Lacquer Design. A gorgeous antique replica wood vanity provides much-needed storage space while enhancing the room's luxurious appeal. A simple round mirror has a practical purpose without stealing attention from the eye-catching windows. The glazed subway tub and shower surround adds another layer of 1930s charm. Lastly, notice the bathroom's color scheme. The Dusty pink walls, pops of gold and teal, plus the rich wood tones are all classic Deco hues.

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    Blue Bathroom With Classic and Timeless Art Deco Features

    blue art decor inspired bathroom


    When it comes to decorating there is often a very thin line between modern and vintage-inspired. This contemporary bathroom featured on Homepolish is brimming with classic Art Deco features. The clawfoot tub is a standout feature that transcends trends, and the ceramic pedestal sink is both traditional and true to the 1930s.