This Retro Design Style Is 2023's Next Biggest Trend

Designers agree: it's the cat's pajamas

Art Deco Living Room

Kendall Wilkinson

Trend forecasters have long predicted that this decade might mirror the original Roaring 20s, and now, interior designers are calling it. Art Deco is back, and we’re going to see it even more in the coming months.

We spoke with two experts to discuss why an Art Deco resurgence is looming, and how to implement it in your own home.

Meet the Expert

  • Tatiana Seikaly is a Miami-based interior designer and the founder of Studio Seikaly.
  • Kim McGee is the chief home officer for Riverbend Home, a brand committed to delivering quality home furnishings.
Sitting room with Art Deco elements

Kendall Wilkinson

Art Deco is modern and geometric

As designer Tatiana Seikaly points out, one of the defining characteristics of Art Deco is its use of geometry. “Art Deco has a modern feel that also plays into unique shapes and geometry, which is great in interiors,” Seikaly says. “It also emphasizes art and rich materials.”

Kim McGee of Riverbend Home, agrees. “The beauty of clean lines and elegant curves in art deco design combine to evoke a visually exciting, fun, and modern twist on interiors,” she says. “ A touch here and there can really update your spaces in a big way.” 

Geometric Art Deco bathroom

Reid Rolls for Proem Studio

It’s the perfect segue from neutral

One key predictor for 2023 decor is that neutral is officially on its way out—and Art Deco is anything but neutral.

“I find that people have been straying away from an entirely neutral palette,” Seikaly agrees. “And those who do like neutrals are still wanting to incorporate fun colors in some capacity. We’ve been seeing so many pops of color in bathroom tiles and kitchen cabinets, which we’ll continue to see in 2023.” 

Art Deco living room

Kendall Wilkinson

Art Deco is playful

As McGee points out, “Art Deco is a style that you can have fun with, and you don’t have to go overboard with it. A little bit goes a long way. Pick pieces that will complement and elevate what you already have."

While the original Art Deco aesthetic was maximalist at its finest, Seikaly also notes that you don’t have to go quite as overboard in its resurgence. Instead, add one dramatic piece to really play with a room’s vibe.

“Adding a playful element to a room can be both fun and elegant and this is truly at the forefront of Art Deco,” she says. “You can play around with such a beautiful mix without going overboard.” 

Glamorous Art Deco living room

Kendall Wilkinson

Lean into the glamour

Seikaly also tells us that Art Deco works well with another interior trend on the rise. “People are really loving adding glamours, lush and oversized details to their homes right now,” she says. “It gives a sense of comfort while also not playing it too safe at home—personality is shining through in various Art Deco-style ways. Unique materials and shapes are a favorite of mine."

Work with your existing style

Because Art Deco is known for being over-the-top and dramatic, Seikaly warns that it’s also easy to add too much, too fast.

“Whether you’re renovating a space or redecoration, I would avoid anything too trendy,” she advises. “Stick to colors you’ve always gravitated towards, so you don’t get sick of looking at it. You can also add touches of color in art or accessories to fit an Art Deco aesthetic if you don’t want to commit to something permanent.” 

Art deco elements in a neutral kitchen

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The true beauty is in Art Deco’s vintage roots

If you’re eager to incorporate more Art Deco into your space this year, McGee has one word of warning.

No matter what style you love, avoid pieces that are 'fast' home goods,” she says. “Your home is your own personal space, make sure you love the items you interact with. Buy a little less, and when you do make a purchase, choose something you will want around for a long time. When you love it and it is made well, you will enjoy every interaction.”