Ashley Chalmers

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Ashley Chalmers 

Ashley Chalmers is a freelance writer for The Spruce, with a particular passion for turning a rental space into a place that feels like home. She tempers her innate love of travel by incorporating pieces from her adventures into her decor.


  • 10+ years as a digital writer and content creator
  • 15 years as a rental tenant 
  • Lifelong fan of rearranging furniture 


Ashley has worked as a writer and digital content creator for the past decade, often covering travel in all forms–budget, luxury, family, wine-fueled. Her wanderlust has taken her from her New York career in entertainment and fashion PR to travel blogging from a farmhouse during a year in the French countryside. Now, she’s finally put down roots in London, working as a freelance writer.

While she has a passion for exploring the world at large, she’s always prioritized returning to a space that truly feels like home. As a result, Ashley’s interior style and aesthetic is heavily influenced by her global experiences.


Ashley received her Bachelor’s degree from Wagner College, where she studied Arts Administration and Marketing. She’s strayed slightly from her initial dream of working behind the scenes on Broadway, but her love for storytelling in all forms hasn’t waivered.

Expertise: Small spaces, urban living, dainty details, maintaining style and order among the chaos of life with tiny, messy roommates
Education: Wagner College
Location: London, UK
Title: Freelance Writer

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