Chinese and Asian Inspired Recipes for Easter

From authentic Chinese tea eggs to Egg Foo Yung to a delicious steamed ham with Asian pears, these Chinese- and Asian-inspired recipes will enhance your Easter brunch or dinner.

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    Marbled tea egg with sesame salt
    Marbled tea egg with sesame salt. Getty Images/U. Bender/G. Scarlini

    These hard-boiled eggs with delicately marbled lines are a popular snack in China. Tea eggs are made by lightly tapping the boiled eggs with a spoon before removing the shell and then brewing the shelled eggs in tea (often with added spices).

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    Created by a mixologist in honor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this champagne cocktail is perfect for an Easter brunch.

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    In this recipe, the egg pancake is deep-fried, giving it a lighter texture and is the way it was originally served in restaurants during the 1950's. (Note: feel free to use pork or beef instead of shrimp if desired.)

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    Here is a more traditional Egg Foo Yung recipe, complete with a gravy. Chinese sausage (lop cheong) is available at Asian markets, but you can substitute ham if necessary.

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    Preparing Homemade Spring Rolls with Fresh Vegetables

    Spring rolls, bursting with an assortment of spring vegetables, are frequently served at Easter brunches. In this recipe, rice paper wrappers are filled with cucumber, carrots, bean sprout and rice noodles. It includes a hoisin dipping sauce, or you can substitute peanut sauce.

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    Asparagus makes the perfect accompaniment to ham. The vegetable is briefly boiled and then tossed with a mixture of seasonings.

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    Another side dish idea for Sunday dinner -- carrots are glazed with butter, brown sugar, soy sauce, and five-spice powder.

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    Pork leg is marinated in a blend of Asian seasonings, including hoisin sauce and oyster sauce, before roasting.

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    healthy vegetarian food
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    Fresh asparagus turns out tender but still crisp, coated with a flavorful oyster sauce in this quick and easy stir-fry with fresh mushrooms and sweet bell peppers.​

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