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Do you have a feng shui question? The best way to answer your questions about feng shui for home, office, garden, as well as various feng shui applications - from feng shui for love to feng shui to improve your career  - is to use the numerous feng shui resources on our website.

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To search for the feng shui tips you need, just enter your question or search for a specific feng shui term in the Search box at the right top corner of your computer screen.

You will find plenty of feng shui tips and advice!

We have numerous articles, feng shui cures, image galleries and videos on a variety of feng shui applications, so chances are your question has already been answered.

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How To Ask Your Question

If you have searched the site and have not found the answer to your question and have formulated your question in a clear, concise manner, then please post your question on the Feng Shui for Modern Living page, I will be happy to answer it! 

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