12 Cozy Attic Bedrooms

Attic bedroom in a cottage extension in Norfolk
Nigel Noyes / Getty Images

Of course storage space at home is a precious commodity. So if you need an extra place to bunk in your abode, look up toward your tippy-top floor. It's time to ditch the junk so you can create a dreamy sleeping space. Attic bedrooms are extra charming thanks to architectural features like sloped or vaulted ceilings and dormer windows. To help you unleash your attic's super cozy potential, take a peek at these homey examples.

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    Amazing Attic Bedroom Renovation

    Charming attic master bedroom
    Key Structures, General Contractors

    Airy and spacious are two words that best sum up this attic bedroom conversion by Key Structures, General Contractors. The job transformed a three-bedroom home into one with four. During the renovation process, the construction team took the roof off the house to maximize both ceiling height and floor square footage. They also added front and rear dormer windows to make the most of natural light. The room does retain some of its original features like the tiny crawl space closet on the right. Every bedroom should have something soft underfoot to boost enjoyment while eliminating annoying noise. Here loop carpet adds a layer of soothing comfort.

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    Old-Timey Attic Bedroom

    cottage-inspired attic bedroom
    Madcap Cottage

    Nothing is quite as cozy as a country-inspired attic bedroom. Madcap Cottage carved out this space in a former 1840s schoolhouse in New York's Catskill Mountains. The design team made the space more functional by lining two walls with built-in cabinets and bookshelves to maximize storage space. While the round window appears to be original to the home, it's actually newly installed and creates a lovely focal point. When it was time to decorate, color, patterns, and scale were cleverly used to make the tiny room feel much larger. The big, bold floral wallpaper, for example, plays up the ceiling's sharp angles making it feel much higher.

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    An Attic Bedroom With Statement Wallpaper

    Attic bedroom with window seat style bunk beds
    Alisberg Parker Architects

    Built-in beds provide ample storage in this adorable attic bedroom created for kids by Alisberg Parker Architects. Note how the patterned wallpaper accentuates the ceiling's cleans lines.

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    A Camp-Themed Bedroom for Kids

    Camp themed bedroom for kids
    Sarah Tramp / Emily Henderson

    Create an attic bedroom that will spark your child's imagination like this example by designer Emily Henderson. The room, which is in a mountain house retreat, feels playful yet still retains a distinctive and unfussy Scandinavian vibe. If you have not already guessed, the bedroom's theme is camping. A simple draped sheet over the beds establishes the tent. The green bedding and trees lend outdoorsy flair. Small decorative accents like the rustic trunk and stuffed bear head really take things to the next level.

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    An Attic With a Clever Structural Beam

    lavender bunk bed attic bedroom
    Case Design & Remodeling

    Turning an attic into a bedroom has its challenges. The experts at Case Design & Remodeling had to design around at structural beam spanning the entire length of the room. Cleverly, they installed several built-in features to hide the beam: bunk beds, a bookcase, and steps. Here is another tip 100 percent worth borrowing. They placed the beds in the corner under the eaves—doing so created lots of space for toys and a sizeable play area.

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    A Nordic-Inspired Small Attic Bedroom

    Gothenburg apartment with Attic Bedroom

    Cathedral ceilings spell drama in this little attic bedroom featured on Alvhem. The brick feature wall is actually the home's nonworking chimney. White walls lined with rustic wood beams enhance the illusion of depth and height, making the small room feel open and spacious. Two irresistible touches pack a graphic punch with the bedding and rug in contrasting black and white patterns.

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    An Attic Bedroom with a Charming Vintage Vignette

    Rustic camping inspired attic bedroom
    Courtney Warren

    Vintage finds and Americana accents are the two whimsical ingredients that fuel this rustic-inspired attic bedroom by Courtney Warren. On the floor on the left is a camp-inspired vignette. To create your own, remember to choose objects that support a specific style and theme. Here a couple of old plaid thermoses perfect for picnics flank a vintage metal cooler. Above is a "Keep It Wild" pennant topped off with a wall-mounted, toy moose head. The American flag on the wall draws the eye toward the bed covered with striped bedding and a wool camping blanket, which reinforces the outdoorsy theme.

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    An Attic Bedroom With Cottage-Inspired Shiplap Walls

    White beadboard attic bedroom for two
    Kate Marker Interiors

    Here weird walls and low angled ceilings feel like stunning architectural features thanks to a thoughtful attic bedroom renovation by Kate Marker Interiors. Covering it all with white shiplap makes a crisp and airy statement. Two full-sized storage beds neatly tucked under sloped ceilings make efficient use of floor space. At the foot of each bed is a privacy wall, which enhances comfort while throwing focus to a cozy window seat. If you prefer real books over the Kindle app, note the round wall-mounted reading lights next to each bed.

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    Nautical-Inspired Attic Bedroom

    Small nooks for twin beds in attic bedroom
    Whitten Architects

    Even the teensiest of attics have the potential to become charming guest bedrooms. The blue and white color scheme for this place in a beach house by Whitten Architects has a bright nautical vibe. The two twin beds with drawer storage enhance the ship cabin feeling. Toward the back, by the window, a tiny nook works as a closet courtesy of a floor to ceiling curtain. Recessed lighting is not just for ceiling—the sloped wall near each bed has two.

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    Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom With Bold Wallpaper

    black and white wallpaper on ceiling in brooklyn town house
    Jenny Wolf

    Wallpaper can turn low attic ceilings into a heavenly focal point as shown in this bedroom by interior designer Jenny Wolf. Notice how the wallpaper pattern draws your eyes across the room, making it feel almost expansive. Sticking to a mostly white, monochromatic color scheme is another trick that makes this bedroom feel more open than cramped. Do not forget a few colorful accents to cheer things up. On the left flowers and old books add a few pops of color.

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    Symmetrical Attic Bedroom

    Modern Farmhouse White Attic Bedroom
    Studio McGee

    The design team at Studio McGee are the masters of cottage chic. This attic bedroom illustrates the point. The shiplap feature wall and sloped ceiling put the bed front and center. Matching end tables and lamps create symmetry, which makes the room feel both balanced and relaxing. Vases filled with natural greenery in different arrangements are decorative accents that keep the place from feeling too perfect. 

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    Lovely Attic Bedroom With a Stunning Light Fixture

    Cozy shiplap attic bedroom
    Nina Liddle Design

    The king-size bed is the center of attention in this attic bedroom by Nina Liddle Design. The rustic-inspired wood frame with wicker accents coordinates beautifully with the white shiplap walls. Overhead a bowl-shaped chandelier is a lovely feminine touch that lends a spark of luxury.