Attract Buyers in the New Year with Home Office Organization

bedroom home office organization ideas
Create a home office that appeals to buyers. via Deposit Photos
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    Get your Home Office Desk Organized Before it gets Cluttered

    home office organization
    Ensure your home office organization is ready for buyers. via Deposit Photos

    Is your home office organization in need of a revamp before you try to sell your home?Keeping your house clean and organized is one of the best ways to attract home shoppers and create a positive impression with good organization tips. However, one area of the house that is often overlooked by many is a home office. Not usually kept as neat and tidy as the other areas of your house, a cluttered home office can really turn off potential buyers. A stack of papers or piles of books that need to be...MORE put back on the shelf is certainly not going to do much to attract buyers especially those who really depend on a home office. The home office has become more than a place to surf the web, but also a place for the whole family to do homework, play games and more. So this New Year, use these home office organization tips and set the stage for success!

    Tame your Paper Clutter for an Organized Office Space

    Have papers piled up in your home office? This is the time to take control of the clutter. Work your way through your office by pulling every loose paper out of the drawers, shelves, and cupboards. Sort papers and files into categories and shred and toss what is no longer needed. File important paperwork in a color-coded filing system which buyers will certainly appreciate as it is an indication of a functional office space. For essential tips on what to keep and what to get rid of, look at these home office organizing ideas. 




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    Make Decluttering an All Year-Around Habit

    home office color ideas
    Keep decluttering at bay all year-around. Getty Images

    Make Decluttering a Daily Habit in your Home

    When your property is on the market, it’s important to do daily maintenance. As you will still be living and working from the house, aim to tackle paper as soon as you get it, rather than letting it pile up. If you are short on time, set up a filing system for a few broad categories such as work, school, bills, and more. This will ensure easier paper handling at a later date. Also, make sure to straighten up your workspace before you call it a day....MORE Clear up the desktop and bring those coffee mugs back to the kitchen. These decluttering tips can help you tame all areas of your staged home. 

    Easy Home Staging Tips for a Home Office

    Once you have decluttered and cleaned your office space, begin the fun part of staging the room. In order to appeal to the widest range of home buyers, stick to a neutral color scheme in calming colors such as whites, beiges, grays, or blues. You can also add pops of bright color to your home office with accessories, window treatments, or upholstery fabrics. Lighting is another aspect that is essential for every office space. While natural lighting is preferred, floor lamps or a ceiling fixture can also be used to brighten the space. Lastly, a few pieces of furniture will help you indicate the purpose of the room. A desk, a comfortable chair, along with few accessories will help you do the trick.

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    Increase Space in your Home Office with Creative Storage

    bedroom home office organization ideas
    Create a home office that appeals to buyers. via Deposit Photos

    New Year Organization: Increase Space with Creative Storage

    Storage boxes and shelves are very effective to keep things in order. Install shelving units for keeping files, books, and other decorative pieces. Use boxes to keep loose items and then arrange them neatly on the shelves. Freestanding filing cabinets can also be used on either or both sides of the desk. If space is a concern, use wall-mounted box shelves instead. These organizational tools will not only help you to increase the space...MORE but will also help you stay organized. These creative and cheap or free organization solutions can help tame your chaotic office.

    While cluttered and disorganized home office may tempt you to simply shut the door when showing your house to potential buyers, remember they are not going to avoid the space just because it’s messy. That’s why it’s important to organize and stage it well to attract home buyers. Try these home office organization tips to transform your space into one that’s efficient and eye-pleasing at the same time.