Lucky Feng Shui Colors for 2022’s Year of the Water Tiger

bohemeian bedroom with white walls and earthy colors

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In feng shui, we use Eastern astrology systems such as the Four Pillars (Ba Zi) and the Nine Star Ki to understand and work with the energy of a particular year. 2022 welcomes the year of the Water Tiger in the Asian calendar. In the Nine Star Ki system, 2022 is a 5 Earth year. Both of these can give us clues as to what kinds of energy we can expect in 2022, as well as what we might want to invite, in order to make the most of this year.

One of the simplest and most effective ways that we can call in a particular energy is through the use of color. The use of color is significant in feng shui philosophy because vision is one of the most compelling of our five senses. In addition, color is light energy. The restorative vibrations of color can be used strategically with feng shui to bring more luck and happiness into our lives. 

People often ask what the “best” feng shui colors are, and the truth is it always depends. There are certain colors that are considered most auspicious for particular situations, as well as colors that may be most supportive for you given your personal astrology, personal or cultural associations, and what you’re going through at the moment. However, we can also consider the universal energies that we’re going through on a collective level in 2022 and which colors are most auspicious in that context.

Lucky Feng Shui Colors for 2022

When it comes to the luckiest colors for 2022, let’s take a look at the elements of this year. Because we’re in a Water year in the Four Pillars and an Earth year in Nine Star Ki, it can be beneficial to invite more water and earth energies into your life in 2022. This means adding the colors associated with the water and earth elements.

Water element are the colors black, charcoal, or midnight blue, while the earth element can be called in with earth tones like brown, orange, yellow, and neutrals.

There are many ways to work with this year’s lucky colors. You can decorate with the colors in your home or office, or you can even apply them throughout your home using crystals. When you surround yourself intentionally with colors of the elements for the year, you can expect a boost of support and good fortune!

Here's a list of lucky colors for 2022 and suggestions on how to include them in your life.

Water Element

In feng shui, the water element is all about connections, wisdom, your path in life, your work in the world, and your social life. The colors related to the water element are black, charcoal gray, or midnight blue.


  • Update your door hardware or cabinet knobs with black fittings to invite water element.
  • A small black tray at your desk can be a reminder to bring some new energy to your work.
  • Create some wisdom as well as balance any negative energies with a piece of black obsidian or black tourmaline near your entry door.
  • A new black chair can be supportive for growth and expansion in your career.
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Charcoal Gray

  • You can use some activated charcoal pouches in your closets for fresh air as well as good qi.
  • Try a new charcoal-colored door mat at your front door to welcome new energy for 2022.
  • Smoky quartz can transmute negative energies.
  • Spruce up your plants with an upgrade to an elegant charcoal gray pot.
  • A charcoal gray chalkboard can be used to inspire creativity and wisdom into your home.
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Midnight Blue

  • Choose midnight blue picture frames to highlight your favorite art. 
  • Add throw pillows with midnight blue accents to your home to deepen your wisdom. 
  • Midnight blue can be a powerful color to paint your front door to attract more positive energy.
  • Dark blue pieces of sodalite or lapiz lazuli invite more flow and connections.

Earth Element

Earth element is related to self care, stability, and practical support. The colors that invoke the earth element are warm earthy colors like brown, orange, yellow, and other neutral earth tones.

brown wicker peacock chair and other brown decorations with green plants

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  • Natural-toned brown wood furniture can invite stability and balance.
  • Warm-toned ceramic bowls can invite nourishment. 
  • Brown wicker baskets help contain and support. 
  • Brown wooden plant stands create stability and support for your plant friends.
  • Natural crystals in brown tones like fancy jasper come from the earth and can bring good energy.

Earthy Oranges

  • Terra cotta planters add more grounded earth qi. 
  • Orange citrine crystals invite support and abundance. 
  • Soft poufs or pillows in rich warm orange or rust invite rest.
  • Burnt orange–toned blankets can help keep you cozy and nurtured.
  • A bowl of fresh oranges bring in earth element as well as brighten the energy in any room. Yes, you can eat them!
a mason jar filled with fresh yellow flowers

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  • Rugs in earthy, cheerful yellow ground your home.
  • A new set of pale yellow organic linens for your bed invite support. 
  • Buy yourself fresh yellow flowers as a reminder to focus on self care.
  • A sunny yellow tray in your living room can brighten and harmonize family connections.
  • Yellow candles can invite earth energy and warmth.