Lucky Feng Shui Colors for the New Year

gray and white neutral colored bedroom

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The use of color is significant in feng shui philosophy because vision is one of the most compelling of our five senses. In addition, color is light energy. The healing vibrations of color can be used strategically with feng shui to bring more luck and happiness into our lives. 

All colors are good but some may be more beneficial than others based on personal factors like astrology, environmental circumstances, cultural background, and other specific life situations. You can also look at the general astrology of the current year to get guidance as to what are the luckiest colors for the world.

Feng shui uses astrology systems from the East, such as the Four Pillars (Ba Zi) and the Nine Star Ki. In 2020, we celebrate the “Year of the Metal Rat” in the Four Pillars. We are also in a 7 Metal year in the Nine Star Ki. This information gives us some cosmic insight into how the energy will flow in 2020. As you may have noticed, the element of metal shows up twice. So, look at how to invite more of the auspicious energy of metal in 2020.

When using lucky colors based on the astrology of the year, you can include these auspicious colors in your home, work, and other spaces. You can also simply wear the color to invoke the energy. When you surround yourself with the colors that support the year element, the stars are on your side.

Here's a list of lucky colors for 2020 and suggestions on how to include them in your life.

Metal Element

The metal element is related to movement, joy, completion, and heavenly energy. The colors connected to the metal element are white, metallic colors (think silver, bronze, gold, rose gold) and grays. 


  • Refresh your white walls with a new coat of paint.
  • Splurge on a new set of organic white linens and surround yourself with the metal element.
  • Update your everyday set of plates with clean white to offset your colorful meals.
  • Add white planters to repot your indoor plants.
  • Wearing white is said to expand your aura. It also makes you super mindful of how you move in the world.
green plants on a white table in white planters
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Metallic Colors

  • Mix metallics with a gallery wall of art metal frames.
  • Loving those brass planters and stands for your growing plant collection.
  • Metal trays are a gorgeous addition to your home decor.
  • Pyrite is a favorite mineral that invites prosperity.
  • Wear some of your favorite metal jewelry in layers.
white plates and metal accents
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  • Gray painted walls (and/or doors and mouldings) invite elegance and joy. 
  • Rocks with gray tones invite both metal and earth elements.
  • Smoky quartz protects and transmute negative energies.
  • Throws and pillows in various shades of gray match any decor.
  • Wear your gray hair with pride.
Gray wall and nightstand in bedroom
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Earth Element

You can also utilize the earth element which feeds and cultivates metal. The earth element is related to self-care, stability, and practical support. The colors that invoke the earth element are earthy yellows, oranges, browns, and other neutral tones. 

cozy earthy toned seat wtih pillow, blankets and books
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Earthy Tones

  • Rugs in earthy tones can ground your home.
  • Dark brown wood objects can invite stability.
  • Soft poufs or pillows in rich earthy tones invite rest.
  • Earthy colored wicker baskets increase feelings of support.
  • Display earth-colored rocks, minerals, or crystals like fancy jasper in your home or wear them as jewelry.
Pink rose in a pink vase with white background
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Pink is also an earth color connected to the Kun/Partnership area of the feng shui Bagua map. Pink is feminine and mother earth energy. It can soften your environment.

  • Pink rose quartz crystals heal the heart.
  • Fresh pink fragrant roses or other flowers invite joy.
  • Pink home accessories like pillows cheer up your space.
  • Pink-toned artwork offers a rosy outlook.
  • Incorporate pink in subtle ways like a new phone case, wallet, or even socks.