Attracting & Feeding Birds

With the right bird feeders, seed and plants, you can better attract birds to your yard. Learn what feeders are best and which seed will attract which species.
dead insects floating in spoiled hummingbird nectar
Is Your Hummingbird Nectar Spoiled?
Red milo seeds pouring out of jute bag
Choose the Right Birdseed for Your Outdoor Feeder
Yellow and white gourd hanging from tree branch as birdhouse
Turn a Gourd Into a Birdhouse With These Simple Instructions
Hanging bird feeder covered with peanut butter and sunflower seeds next to red and brown bird closeup
Can Birds Eat Peanut Butter? Learn the Truth!
robin hunting for worms
How to Help Robins Find Worms
DIY birdhouse
28 Free DIY Birdhouse Plans You Can Build Today
dirty bird bath
How to Clean Your Bird Bath Without Scrubbing
Cat on a birdhouse
Fix These Top 10 Birdhouse Problems
Wren House
Attract Wrens With the Right Birdhouses
Eastern Bluebird on a birdhouse
Welcome Bluebirds With the Right Houses
Large Bird House
Are You Ready to Build the Very Best Birdhouse?
Purple Martin Houses
Easy Tips for Purple Martin Houses
Wooden birdhouse entrance measured with measuring tape
Building a Birdhouse? Make the Right Size Hole!
Small green birdhouse being put out on tree
The Very Best Time to Put Up Birdhouses
Snake in a Birdhouse
Keep Birdhouses Safe From Predators
White painted birdhouse hanging by flowers
Paint a Safe, Attractive Birdhouse for Your Yard
Wooden birdhouse with illustration and text attached to a tree trunk
How to Hang a Birdhouse and Mount a Nesting Box
Wrens Nesting in a Birdhouse
Birds That Use Birdhouses and How to Attract Them
Nesting material in a bluebird house
Should You Add Nesting Material to a Birdhouse to Attract Birds?
Hummingbird feeding out of bright pink and orange flowers while flying
8 Easy Tips to Feed Hummingbirds in Your Backyard
bird at a feeder
10 Ways Not to Feed the Birds
Penguin eating while swimming
Learn How, What, and When Penguins Eat
bird feeding on suet
Top Tips for Feeding Birds in Winter
ducks feedings
What Do Ducks Eat?
bird using a new feeder
Get Birds to Use a New Feeder With These Tips
squirrel eating from a bird feeder
Safe, Easy Tips to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders
bird at a suet feeder
Making Homemade Bird Suet Is Easy and Affordable
Hawk with prey
How to Protect Backyard Birds From Hawks
Close-Up Of British Coal Tit Feeding On Peanuts In Bird Feeder
Go Nuts for Feeding Wild Birds Peanuts!
hummingbird drinking nectar
Attract Hummingbirds With This Safe, Easy Nectar Recipe
kitchen scraps on a bird feeder
What Kitchen Scraps Can You Feed Birds?
bee on hummingbird feeder
Keep Bees, Wasps, and Other Insects Away From Hummingbird Feeders
Light green hummingbird flying and eating in front of red sunflower
What Do Hummingbirds Eat?
Baltimore oriole on a tree branch
Feed Hungry Orioles in Your Yard
duck eating bread
Here's Why Not to Feed Bread to Ducks and What to Feed Instead
Black oil sunflower seeds mixed with seed in blue hanging bird feeder with brown bird in front
All You Need to Know About Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Bird Getting Into Birdseed Bag
Easy Birdseed Storage Tips: Keep Seed Safe and Fresh
baby bird
These Are the Best Types of Food for Baby Birds
Downy Woodpecker Eating Birdseed
Want to Attract Woodpeckers to Your Yard?
wild turkeys
What Do Wild Turkeys Eat?
bird feeder made from a plastic bottle
Turn a Recycled Plastic Bottle into a Bird Feeder
Downy Woodpecker on a Suet Feeder
Suet Feeder Tips and Feeding Suet to Backyard Birds
Window Hummingbird Feeder in Winter
Easy Tips to Keep Hummingbird Nectar From Freezing
Female cardinal bird eating seeds out of a bird feeder tray
Do You Know the Best Birdseed for Your Backyard Birds?
Sunflower seed clumps on flat green mat next to bowl and birdhouse
How to Tell If Birdseed Is Spoiled
House sparrows at a birdfeeder
Stop Bully Birds at Backyard Feeders
Goldfinches on black and yellow bird feeder eating nyjer seeds closeup
Nyjer (Thistle Seed) - Which Birds Love It?
Downy Woodpecker on a Suet Feeder
Where Is Your Feeder? Best Bird Feeder Placement Tips
cat stalking
Easily Protect Backyard Birds From Cats
Gull eating a starfish.
Chew, Gobble or Gulp - How Do Birds Eat?
Purple Martin and Decoy
Easy Tips for Attracting Purple Martins to Your Yard
Bullocks oriole
Easy Tips for Attracting Backyard Orioles
Eurasian nuthatch on a feeder
Learn How to Attract New Birds to Your Backyard
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Nest
Encourage Hummingbirds to Nest in Your Yard
Allen's Hummingbird in a Fountain
A Hummingbird Fountain Will Attract Hummers With Water
Yellow and gray warbler bird sitting on branches with light pink flowers and buds
Landscaping Colors That Attract Birds to Your Yard
Eurasian Nuthatch on a Feeder
Attracting Birds to Your Yard With Food
Cat at Bird Bath
Is Your Bird Bath Actually HURTING Birds? Keep It Safe!
House wren standing on tree trunk while chirping
Try These Tips to Attract Wrens to Your Yard
group of turkeys
Attract Wild Turkeys to Your Yard With These Easy Tips