How to Use Interior Color Trends to Attract Buyers

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    Decorating with Color in your Kitchen can Awaken the Senses

    color trends kitchen green cabinets
    Bring a shot of color into your kitchen to attract buyers. Getty Images

    Color trends can help make your interiors look modern and up to date to appeal to potential homebuyers. First impressions are everything when selling your home, and the right color scheme can help you create a lasting one. In fact, your property’s interior color palette is an important backdrop that can help you set the stage for the decorations and the furnishings. While it’s often recommended to stick with neutral colors, it does not limit you to the shades of beige and white. With a little planning and creativity, you can use interior color trends to highlight your home and attract buyers. Take a look at how color, paint, and choice color trend decorating can make your staged home appeal to buyers.

    Use Trending Kitchen Colors for Home Staging

    While there are a lot of colors that are personally pleasing, if you choose a shade that’s not universally appealing, it can be a real barrier to sales, especially in the kitchen as it is an area where home shoppers envision themselves spending a lot of time. If you would like to grab their attention, then sunshine yellow is a great color for the kitchen. It is a trending interior color that works great when combined with green or red accent pieces like chairs or small appliances. Alternatively, oranges and reds in soft hues can also help to create a festive, vibrant atmosphere. Steal some color inspiration in your kitchen with these bold color ideas.

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    Use Neutral Colors when Decorating with Color in Large Rooms

    color trends living room decorating
    Neutral color trends with rustic tones feel wonderful. Getty Images

    Your Master Bedroom can Set the Stage with Color Trends

    Master bedroom is a space where the decor should create a calming, soothing environment. Consider using a shade of blue to bring out the best in this area, especially a lighter shade such as powdery blue. It can help a room reflect a lot of natural light which can have a pleasant impression on home buyers. Another shade that can lend a sophisticated feel to a room is dusky blue. Just make sure to use it only as an accent wall color or else it can be a major turn off. Consider adding an accent wall of color in your bedroom for visual interest.

    Tips for Decorating With Color in the Living Room

    Over the last few years, shades of gray have gained a lot of popularity among interior decorators wanting to create chic, urban sophisticated spaces. When combined with neutral colored furniture and accessories, a mineral colored wall can become a bold focal point. It can also work great with some bright colorful accents such as a metallic green chair or a shiny red lamp. The key to using bold style effectively especially when your house is on the market is to team the right shades with your interior’s overall feel.

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    Use Earth and Neutral Tones in Bathrooms for a Relaxing Ambiance

    bathroom neutral color trends
    Neutral color trends in the bathroom promotes relaxation. Getty Images

    Earth Tones Create Buyers Appeal in Bathrooms

    Trending color such earthy green will help to create a calming vibe in the bathrooms. It will also help to soften the otherwise hard edges and geometric shapes in these areas. While it is a perfect place to try different colors, staging is not the time to experiment. That’s why it’s best to stick with trending neutral shades here. It will lend the space a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere which can be complemented with small plants and statues.  To evoke a spa-like relaxation and create buyer appeal in an earthy green bathroom, pair it up with other neutral tones such as taupe.  Use these neutral color decorating tips to inspire you.

    When choosing a color palette for the purpose of home staging, it’s better to go with the trending colors rather than the personal preferences. Also, make sure that the shades that you choose go well with door knobs and levers as well as cabinet pulls and knobs. Remember that most potential home buyers have already toured new construction model homes so it’s likely that they are aware of the interior color trends. Use it to your advantage and create colorful interiors that will help to sell your home faster and for the top dollar.