Automoblox Wooden Toy Cars

Collectible Toy Cars Your Kids Will Adore

Automoblox Police Car

As the mother to a little boy, we've become toy vehicle fans. Many little boys love small vehicles. If you are like me, you probably own hundreds of them. Little kids like to use their cars to make traffic jams, load them on and off a car carrier, or drive them through obstacles like sand. They push them around on their hands and knees at different speeds.

Meet Automoblox. The first time I saw these toys in action, I knew it would be love at first sight for my son and other little boys in the preschool and early elementary age ranges.


Automoblox are collectible, wooden toy cars with interchangeable parts. Each vehicle has a strong, smooth wooden base. Then, using special plastic connectors, the front and back of the car can be removed. 

Aside from the front and back of the car being able to be removed, the tires can be removed from the rims, and the hoods and peg people inside can be taken out. In my experience, a 4-year-old should be able to manipulate all of the pieces fairly easily by themselves. Automoblox toys are generally recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Automoblox cars and trucks include many different sizes of vehicles. There are special edition cars, rescue themed vehicles, and larger trucks that include a flatbed truck, fire engine, and dump truck. 

For children who have more than one Automoblox vehicle who may have started a collection, they are able to take the pieces off the frame of the car, then put them in a different location on another car to create their own special design.

Automoblox are fairly expensive for a wooden toy, generally in the $50 range. However, Automoblox were specifically designed to be an heirloom toy with a lifetime guarantee that is passed on from one generation to the next.

While many kids like to customize their cars, there are many reasons why Automoblox can still be considered an educational toy.

Removing the pieces and putting the vehicle back together with their hands takes coordination, practice and problem solving. The toys include heavy pieces with their solid wooden base. So it is possible for kids to get hurt if the pieces are thrown. So while you do need to watch younger children who are playing with the toys, the durability makes them a very long-lasting, high quality toy. 

My son loves pushing cars from behind while on his knees around the living room.  We did notice that if you push to hard on the hood of the car, the front and back of it might pop off. While I'm assuming this might be related to safety, none of the pieces have ever broken and the car continues to work as it was designed. 

Also, for kids who enjoy collectible toys, Automoblox have their own unique VIN numbers that when entered online will provide access to release information of new products, and free items like posters and decals. 

Automoblox have a lifetime warranty. After my son used them for several years, they never had any scratches or dings on them. We were eventually able to donate the toys by passing them on to a family friend with a little boy. Years later these amazing cars are still bringing another child lots of happiness and I have no doubt they will be passed on to another deserving family.


You can buy Automoblox racecars, sedans, trucks, hotrods and other vehicles on

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