The Autumn Cocktail Recipe Collection

Holiday and Seasonal Drinks that are Perfect for Autumn

Colleen Graham's Autumnal Temptations Mocktail
Inspired by those last great days of autumn, the Autumnal Temptations is a mocktail filled with apricot and lavender that everyone can enjoy. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Graham

The fall season is filled with falling leaves, cool temperatures, and fun holidays and there is a great cocktail for all of it. Warm drinks, those filled with apples, pumpkins, and pears, as well as recipes designed for Halloween and Thanksgiving, there's sure to be a drink in this collection for all your autumn sipping needs.

Top Cocktail Picks for Autumn 

Sometimes you just want to cut through all the fluff and find a great cocktail right away.

If that describes you at the moment, these collections of the best fall flavors will have a recipe for you.

Recipes Full of Fall Flavors

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, our taste buds turn to the flavors of the season. From warm whiskey cocktails to apple-filled delights, there's a fabulous drink recipe waiting for any of your autumn desires.

Seasonal Flavors

Apples, cranberry, pears, and pumpkin, allow one of these recipe collections to guide to the next recipe that is sure to be a seasonal hit in your bar.

Drinks for the Tailgaters

College is in session, football stadiums are filling up, and the MLB playoffs kick off. It's a great season to be a sports fan and if you need a drink for those tailgating parties, we have you covered.

Halloween Hooch

Halloween may be the best holiday of the year when it comes to spectacular cocktails. All the rules are thrown out the window and we love to create drinks with creepy garnishes, brilliant colors, and a few tricks and treats.

Election Night Cocktails

If there's an occasion, there's a cocktail for it and politics does not get off the hook.

Thanksgiving Cocktails

You might want to consider putting as much effort into your drinks on Thanksgiving Day as you do the food on the table. There's no reason to serve sub-par beverages when you have so many fantastic options available.

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