5 Awesome Color Resolutions for Your Home

Colorful Living Room
5 Bold Color Resolutions. Photo: ©Rob Melnychuk/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Here’s to a new year of color! At the beginning of a new year, you may feel compelled to make resolutions and plans to do things a little (or a lot) differently in the coming year. The new year is a wonderful time to reassess your space, and plan changes and projects for the upcoming spring.

With the gorgeous color trends announced at the end of each year, there is never be a better time to reconsider color changes, and resolve to live a little more colorfully. 

This Year, Resolve to Lose any Color That Does Not Make You Happy

Yes, you got a bargain on that paint, and spent a lot of time putting it on the wall, but it’s never really been the right color. This is the year to finally stop regretting that color mistake, and make it right. You should surround yourself with colors that make you happy, every single day. 

This Year, Resolve to Take Chances With Color

Have you noticed that the best decorating decisions you’ve ever made were made without a ton of deliberation and doubt? Sure, you can carefully choose color to get just the right shade, but those other times when you found something that really speaks to you, it was more heart and less brain carrying it out of the store. Take the time you need to find the best colors for your home, but be open this year to accent colors and decor that you would have never considered before. 

This Year, Resolve to Learn More About Color

You don’t need to go to school to study color theory, but if you love to decorate your own home, learning a few basics like why undertones matter and how to create a color scheme, will make your decorating less stressful and more fun. Once you know more about choosing color, your world will open up and you’ll find decorating possibilities you didn’t know existed for your space.

This Year, Resolve to Check out the Color Trends

While you may not consider yourself the trendy type, seeing the annual color trends can spark inspiration in your decorating, and give you new ideas for making over your decor. The secret to paint color forecasts, is that the majority of colors are already in the paint line for that company, and have been for a while. The paint and decor trends and forecasts are more valuable for learning new ways to pair colors, and find new color palettes you love.

This Year, Resolve to Bring out the Best in Your Home With Color

The right colors can create a calm retreat in any room, or they can spur energy and creativity. When you choose colors with intention, they can transform any space. The colors in your foyer will let your guests know what your home is all about. Their first impression can be welcoming, or exciting, or it can say “I got this paint on sale.”  For a guest room, creating a serene color palette can communicate to your guests that you’re happy they’re here, instead of “this room has all the mismatched overflow form other rooms, but it’s okay because you're not saying long.”  

For the rooms you use every day, bringing out the best can mean updating accessories, rearranging furniture, or creating an accent wall. The beginning of a new year works beautifully for making changes at home, because often our main rooms look quite stark after the holiday decorations are put away. This is the best time to assess what works, and what doesn’t, and formulate a plan to make your color resolutions a reality this year.