3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf

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    3 DIY Paint Projects You Can Do Right Now

    Chelsea Lipford Wolf of Today's Homeowner
    3 DIY Paint Projects to Try This Weekend. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    Chelsea Lipford Wolf Shares Her Colorful DIY Makeovers

    Chelsea Lipford Wolf is not only the host of the Checking In With Chelsea, and award-winning web series and blog, but a co-host and collaborator of the popular Today's Homeowner syndicated tv series. Chelsea takes on more than just decorating, she uses her extensive DIY and home improvement talents to share easy-to-follow projects.

    Checking In With Chelsea, a web series and blog is part of the national Today’s Homeowner brand, launched in...MORE July 2014 and earned two 2015 National Telly Awards which honor outstanding work in video and film productions. Whether she’s tackling a simple home repair or a more creative décor project, Chelsea enjoys transforming the everyday ordinary into extraordinary.

    If you love practical, real-life, DIY home improvement projects, you'll love these three simple DIY projects Chelsea is sharing with us. All three of these decorating projects prove that a little bit of paint and some inspiration can totally transform your home. 

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    Chelsea Lipford Wolf's Easy Bookshelf Makeover | Before

    Gorgeous DIY Bookshelf Hack
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    How to Hack a Simple Bookcase DIY

    You probably have a bookcase or two in your home that needs some updating and TLC. Painting a bookcase is a quick way to update it, but you can also go a little further with a stylish DIY hack for a boring bookcase.

    Chelsea started this bookcase DIY makeover by adding molding to give it architectural detail. Adding trim or molding to a plain piece of furniture gives it a more expensive look and a timeless quality. The secret to successfully adding architectural...MORE interest is to use paint to incorporate the new features. 

    Any great furniture makeover starts with an inspiration and a piece of furniture that is worth making over. The bookcase that Chelsea chose to makeover was a hand-me-down with a faux wood finish that was perfect for a new look. 

    Chelsea: "This bookshelf was handed down to me from my grandparents when they were purging a lot from their house. It was originally brown with a faux wood look. Not my style. So I had caulked all of the joints and painted it white. Then I painted the back of it blue to coordinate with the blue guest room/office where it originally resided in my home."

    Check out Chelsea's complete how-to for this pretty bookcase makeover.

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    Colorful Furniture Upcyle - How to Makeover a Bookcase

    Colorful DIY Bookcase Hack
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    Choose an Awesome Paint Color for Your DIY Bookcase

    This gorgeous bookcase makeover started as just an update of adding interest with new trim, but Chelsea's readers were so taken with the colorful lattice back design that she added a second tutorial for the beautiful poppy-colored painted back. 

    Chelsea: "As promised, I’m back with the details on painting the lattice background from my bookshelf makeover. My instinct was to do a solid color, again, but then I thought I’d add a little...MORE drama to the back of the overstuffed bookshelf. After stenciling an accent wall in my living room, I thought stenciling would be the way to go to get a neat pattern."

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    Bookshelf Lattice Makeover - After

    Gorgeous DIY Bookcase Hack
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    This DIY Bookcase Hack Shines

    This simple bookcase is transformed into a smart and stylish piece of furniture that will be enjoyed for years. The new molding gives the bookcase more presence, and the bold color and design in back gives it a fun and contemporary look. You could create this same DIY magic with any paint color and design that suits your style. Stencils are also a great way to transform the back of a bookcase or shelving unit. You can use your DIY furniture as an accent for your...MORE home's palette with the perfect paint color for upcycling

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    Stenciling an Accent Wall - Before

    Living Room Accent Wall Before and After
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    What's New in Accent Walls?

    Accent walls will always be in style. The secret to creating a fresh accent wall is trying new ideas and materials. Stencils are a stylish way to do something totally unique to personalize your living space. A stenciled wall may not be a super quick DIY project, but it can make a huge impact with just one wall of color. One of the best ways to use stencils for a living space, especially with a neutral color scheme, is to choose colors that are harmonious. Using a...MORE monochromatic color scheme with a stenciled accent wall can make a room feel warm and relaxed. 

    Chelsea shares her valuable tips for doing a stenciled wall right, and part of that is being realistic about expecting perfection, "Speaking of a perfect finished product. The stencil makers pretty much say not to expect one. But to get the best results, don’t do it on a textured wall (which I have), your bottom paint and stencil paint should be flat (which mine weren’t), and don’t over load the roller. I think I did pretty good on that last one as hard as it was not too fill it up to reduce the amount of time!"

    Check out Chelsea's how-to on this gorgeous stenciled  wall DIY. 

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    Stencil an Accent Wall - How To Stencil Your Wall

    Living Room Accent Wall Stencil - Before and After
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    How to Stencil Your Wall for This Stylish Look

    Stenciling a wall can get tricky when you encounter trim at the bottom of the wall. Being slow and steady when you reach the bottom is essential. Switching to a stencil brush for those hard to roll areas helps a lot. Even the most careful stenciler can make a mistake or two. The beauty of the large patterned wall is that those mistakes that you may be obsessing over are literally invisible in the grand scheme of the wall's design when you're...MORE taking it all in. 

    When Chelsea reaches the bottom of the wall, she changes tactics: "Then roll to the baseboard as best as the roller will allow. For the most part, the roller could paint half of the bottom bead. That’s when I got out the stencil brush (seen a few pictures up next to my paper plate) and dabbed it on the stencil while holding the stencil in place with my hand."

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    Stencil an Accent Wall - The Reveal

    Stenciled Accent Wall DIY
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    A Gorgeous Stenciled Accent Wall Adds Style to a Living Room

    The finished stenciled accent wall is gorgeous! The slight imperfection of each stenciled dot gives the wall a casual vibe. The slight contrast of paint colors creates a soothing room even with the patterned wall. 

    A stenciled accent wall can be created behind a headboard for a bedroom in need of a focus wall. You can add color to your kitchen with a stencil as an inexpensive alternative to a kitchen backsplash. With the big selection of...MORE contemporary stencils, and unlimited paint colors and finishes available, you can the perfect style for your space. 

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    Painting an Outdoor Area Rug - Before

    Outdoor Rug DIY Painting Hack
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    Getting Started With Your Own DIY Painted Outdoor Rug

    This awesome project from Chelsea Lipford Wolf is a fun way to add color to your outdoor living area. With paint and a simple outdoor rug, you can create a totally customized look with your favorite color and pattern. 

    Chelsea was inspired by the need for color and pattern on her outdoor patio: "I’ve been wanting to buy a rug to make it more cozy and homey out there, but rugs are expensive! So I’ve been putting off picking one out, until I...MORE realized I could make my own outdoor rug. And it wouldn’t cost nearly as much!"

    Here's what you'll need for Chelsea's cool DIY painted outdoor rug project:

    • indoor/outdoor rug
    • exterior latex paint
    • paint roller
    • fabric medium
    • painter’s tape
    • tape measure
    • marker
    • painter’s plastic
    • geometric pattern

    Here is Chelsea's detailed how-to for painting your own DIY outdoor rug.

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    Your Custom Area Rug - The How To DIY a Painted Rug

    DIY Painted Outdoor Rug
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    Find Inspiration for Your DIY Painted Rug

    You can find inspiration for your outdoor rug painting project anywhere from bedding to throw pillows. A graphic design that can be taped off will be your best choice. Intricate designs with stencils are tough to do with the texture of the outdoor rug. Remember that your rug color will show up under the taped areas of your pattern, so be sure to consider that when choosing the area rug.

    An outdoor rug can be more fun and colorful than an indoor one and...MORE really doesn't have to follow any strict color scheme rules. If you would like to create an exterior color scheme your rug can be an accent color. You can pick up a color from your pillows, chair cushions, or even flowering plants, to make your new DIY rug part of your outdoor color palette. 

    If you really love the pattern of your new DIY painted rug, you can repeat your design on outdoor throw pillows. For an extra pop of color consider painting your front door to match your rug color. So, feel free to choose a pattern that you love for inspiration, but make the project your own by choosing a color you love. 

    Here's how Chelsea chose her DIY painted rug color, "I was certainly drawn to the color of the original design I was copying, which seems to be my current favorite! But I wanted to try something new and not copy the design exactly. So I went with a color that was very bright on the paint chip and in the bucket—Neon Light by Behr. It worked out that it didn’t end up being as bright once it was applied on top of my tan area rug."

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    Painting an Outdoor Area Rug - After

    DIY Painted Outdoor Rug Hack
    3 Awesome DIY Makeovers With Blogger Chelsea Lipford Wolf. ©Chelsea Lipford Wolf

    This Pretty DIY Outdoor Rug Project is a Curb Appeal Beauty

    By using the right paint additive, Chelsea created a durable DIY painted rug that creates a feeling of bringing the indoors outside for a comfortable, and cheerful, living space that can boost your curb appeal. The bright design of this sassy outdoor rug brightens up the entire patio.