10 Adorable Baby Chick Crochet Hat Patterns for Easter

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    Baby Chick Crochet Hat Patterns

    Use the crazy brick stitch for this crochet chick hat
    Ally's Knitting and Crochet Blog

    Easter brings up so many feelings of fun - the dyeing of eggs, the beautiful clothing. Add to the fun by creating Easter crochet hats for everyone in the family. Bunny hats are a popular choice but another creative option is to use baby chick crochet hat patterns to put a smile on everyone's face. The ten patterns you'll find here offer variety in terms of size, color and style.

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    Baby Chick Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Cute baby chick crochet hat for Easter
    Darleen Hopkins

    The best thing about this crochet pattern is that it makes a perfect baby chick for Easter when worked in pastel colors but it can also be worked in other colors to create all kinds of other bird hats for wear throughout the year. And look at those cute little top feathers that make a fabulous detail atop the head! It is designed for two sizes (age 3-6, age 5+), and it is easily adaptable to other sizes.


    Baby Chick Hat free crochet pattern by Darleen Hopkins

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    Easter Chicken Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Dress up baby for Easter with this free chick hat crochet pattern
    Jenny & Teddy, photo by Jennifer Jayne

    What is the cutest part of this crochet chick hat free pattern? Is it the long wings? Is it the embroidered nose? Is it the chicken's hair? Is it the unique spiral crochet ties that hang down and frame baby's face? Is it the complementary colors of the edge and body? It's all of it! This crochet pattern is designed for babies with three different size options for newborn through one year of age.


    Easter Chicken Hat free crochet pattern by Jenny and Teddy

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    Newborn Peep Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    This adorable crochet chick hat is perfect for newborns
    Hand Me Down Hobby

    This crochet hat pattern is perfect for baby's first Easter! Designed for newborns, this crochet hat was inspired by hats crafted by the designer's grandmother. The name hints that it might have also been inspired by the color and design of Peeps.


    ​Newborn Peep Hat free crochet pattern by Hand Me Down Hobby

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    Easter Baby Chick Hat Crochet Pattern

    Wear this chick hat with the edge flipped up or down.
    Jennie Claver

    The body of this crochet hat is really simple but there are some creative details that make it a unique pattern. The full beak is one of the best details. Another is the white edging, which is optional and, if added, can be worn flipped up or down. This creates different styles for different preferences. This crochet pattern is available for sale through Ravelry.


    Easter Baby Chick Hat crochet pattern by Jennie Claver

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    Newborn Easter Egg / Chick Hat + Cocoon Pattern

    Newborn Easter Egg / Chick Hat + Cocoon Pattern
    AMK Crochet

    Which came first, the chick or the egg? You get both with this crochet chick hat that has the shell of the egg hanging on to the side. This crochet pattern is designed for newborns and includes the pattern for the matching cocoon in Easter colors.


    Newborn Chick Hat + Cocoon pattern by AMK Crochet

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    Easter Chick Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Use the crazy brick stitch for this crochet chick hat
    Ally's Knitting and Crochet Blog

    This cute pattern combines the very simple half double crochet stitch with an optional edging of crazy stitch. It provides a perfect opportunity to practice that unique stitch if you wish to do so. This pattern has a bit of a cartoon look because of the big crocheted eyes and beak - an excellent choice for little ones, which makes sense since this pattern is designed for 6-9 month old babies.


    Easter Chick Hat free crochet pattern by Ally's Knitting and Crochet Blog

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    Crochet Baby Chick Set with Chevron Cocoon

    This baby chick hat has a matching chevron crochet cocoon pattern
    Illumikniti Designs

    The button eyes and tiny little embroidered nose give such a precious look to this baby chick crochet hat pattern, especially when it's all topped off with those yarn strings of chick hair. This pattern is for sale through Ravelry and comes along with a pattern for a chevron baby cocoon to match. It is designed for newborns.


    Crochet Baby Chick Hat by Illumikniti Designs

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    Aviator Chick Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    This aviator chick crochet hat pattern is one of a kind!
    Savvy Nana

    Do something different than the norm - create a chick that is also an aviator! This pattern is made using basic crochet stitches. It is designed for babies around the age of one year.


    Aviator Chick Hat by Savvy Nana

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    Crochet Chick and Bunny Hat Patterns

    Fuzzy crochet chick and bunny hats are cute for Easter
    Crochet by Jennifer

    Yarn choice makes all of the difference in the design of your crochet patterns and this designer has made a smart choice by using fuzzy yarns to create super cozy animal Easter hats. This crochet pattern, for sale through Ravelry, shows you how to make baby chicks and also bunnies so you have options. You can make these for the whole family because the pattern comes in sizes newborn through adult.


    Crochet Bunny and Chick Hat patterns by Crochet by Jennifer

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    Easter Chick Crochet Hat Pattern for Dogs

    Dress your dog for Easter with this crochet chick hat pattern
    Post Pooch Designs

    Are you wondering where there are big holes on the sides of this Easter chick crochet beanie? It's because this one is designed for your dog! Slip their ears through the hat, tie it onto their head and your furry friend will be looking adorable for Easter!


    Easter Chick Dog Beanie by Posh Pooch Designs