Baby Dolls

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    Bebe Calin

    Courtesy of Corolle Dolls

    Young children love to pretend that they are grown-up. Boasting curious minds, inquisitive hands and an eagerness to mimic, little ones gravitate to playtime that lets them act out caregiving skills. Corolle's Mon Premier Bebe Calin is a well-made way for a child to pretend to be a mama or papa. The Christmas Tale edition has a soft, bean-filled body that allows the doll to be posed like a real baby. Designed for toddlers, as young as 18 months, the holiday doll has vinyl limbs, vinyl face,...MORE and is lightweight for young ones to tote around. Extra bonus: the doll is vanilla scented. 

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    Baby Stella

    Courtesy of Manhattan Toy

    Award-winning Baby Stella from Manhattan Toy is a soothing way for young children to imitate feeding and rocking time for their own baby. The Sweet Dreams version is scented with a lavender aroma, which is released when the doll is hugged. Manhattan Toy realizes that play is an immersive experience, and the scent makes the doll a sought-out companion for babies as young as 12 months old. 

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    Claire Stripes & Dots Baby Doll

    Courtesy of Douglas Cuddle Toys

    If you have a newborn baby or are considering an extra little oomph for a baby shower gift, the Douglas Cuddle Toy Company always has a lovely array of soft, huggable dolls. Baby Claire, which is accompanied by her teddy bear, is safety-tested and approved for newborns and up. For children who aren't able to change doll clothing or handle feeding paraphernalia and bottles, this is a way to interact with a mini baby.

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    Courtesy of Madame Alexander Doll Company

    Madame Alexander Doll Company has introduced its Babblebabies to its noteworthy Newborn Nursery line. Measuring 19 inches long, weighing 3.5 pounds, the Babblebabies are crying out to be rocked by wannabe mommies (and daddies too)! The dolls are made to mirror real-life behavior. Babblebabies babble and coo. They can make over 80 sound combinations. Recommended for ages 3 and up, Babblebabies are available as girls and boys

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    Baby Alive Snackin' Sara

    Courtesy of Hasbro

    Hasbro puts the "alive" in Baby Alive. Snackin' Sara comes with food that your child can make for her to "eat." Sure enough, the doll appears to chew what your little chef has conjured. Able to speak more than 30 phrases, Snackin' Sara will tell her make-believe mama whether she's hungry, full, ready for a nap, or needs a diaper. Additionally, Sara can poop. That's certainly something you don't see every day! She's created for ages 3 and up.

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    Baby Alive Play 'N Style Christina

    Courtesy of Hasbro

    Another Baby Alive baby doll is long-haired Christina. This doll introduces children aged 3 and up to the fun of hair play. Children can comb the long tresses, add hair extensions and barrettes, which are included, and pretend that they are styling it with the blowdryer that comes along with the doll. Christina is available in three skin tones. Each of those multicultural dolls has its own accompanying hair color. 

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    Charisma Brands Twin Boy

    Courtesy of Paradise Galleries

    Sculpted in GentleTouch Vinyl by artist Pat Moulton, Paradise Galleries debuts its first-ever anatomically correct full-vinyl-body male baby doll. Made for collectors--the doll is meant for an older "mother"--the Twin Boy would be perfect for displaying in a crib or a bassinet. It's not intended for juvenile play. The doll's appearance is truly realistic, with newborn wrinkles beneath his eyes, a belly button, and slightly open pout lips.

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    Charisma Brands Twin Girl

    Courtesy of Charisma Brands/Paradise Galleries

    Joining her twin brother, Paradise Galleries' Twin Girl continues the lifelike connection. Their design team excels at capturing the appearances and postures of actual, real-life children. She is anatomically correct and features the same realistic appearance of a newborn. Check out the folds in her skin!