Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples

Have fun with the invite's wording with cute phrases

Woman touching stomach of pregnant friend baby shower
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You’re planning a baby shower and need to send invitations, but what do you do about the wording? It can be one of the biggest challenges because you want something cute and catchy, but definitely not corny. 

Whether the happy mother-to-be knows that she’s expecting a baby girl, a baby boy, or it's going to be a surprise, we have a few fun samples of baby shower invitation wording that you can use. You can also adjust these to fit an invitation for a Sip and See.

What to Include on the Invitation

Writing an invitation is rather easy, especially for a baby shower because they're not very formal. Include all of the details your invited guests need to know about the party. It will help them decide whether or not they can attend and how they can ​RSVP.

The details to include

  • Guest of Honor
  • Date
  • Time the shower begins
  • Time the shower will end
  • Location with an address and directions.
  • How to RSVP such as a phone number or email address. You can include a response card if these are formal invitations, but baby showers tend to be more casual.
  • The theme of the shower, if it applies.

Wording for a Baby Girl's Shower Invitation

Shower invitations for baby girls can be as cute and adorable as you want to make them. Go with pink if you like and use one of these sweet phrases to let everyone know who mommy's expecting.

Sample Invitation #1

Cute as a Button
Sweet as a Daisy
We’re Holding a Shower
to Welcome Kim’s Baby

Sample Invitation #2

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Ribbons and Curls Mean Sweet Baby Girls
Join Us to Celebrate the Pending Arrival of
Chelsea and Brad’s New Little Baby at a
Pink and White Mommy and Daddy Baby Shower.

Sample Invitation #3

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Pink?
We Don't Think So.
You’re Invited to a Pink Baby Shower in
Honor of Katy’s New Baby Girl.

Wording for a Baby Boy's Shower Invitation

"It's a Boy!" is nice, but you can spice up a shower invite for a baby boy with some carefully chosen words. Add some blue, yellow, or green colors to the invitation and include one of these happy greetings for guests.

Sample Invitation #1

A New Baby Boy
Soon Will Be Here
Please Join Us to
Celebrate Carol and
Her Baby So Dear!

Sample Invitation #2

A New Baby Boy
Will Bring Mommy Such Joy!

You're Invited to a Shower to Celebrate Jane

and her New Baby

Sample Invitation #3

Snips and Snails And Puppy Dog Tails
Bats and Balls and Rolling Toys
Portend the Arrival of Baby Boys.
Join Us to Celebrate the Pending Arrival of
Lori and Fred’s New Little Baby at a
Blue and White Mommy and Daddy Baby Shower.

Wording for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Some parents like the surprise of finding out if it's a boy or girl or they are just really good at keeping secrets. You can have just as much fun with the wording on your invitation while spreading the happy news.

Sample Invitation #1

Pink or Blue
Nobody Knows
But We’re Showering Mommy
Since Our Joy Overflows.

Sample Invitation #2

Little Boy or Little Girl
It Doesn’t Really Matter ‘Cause
Mom and Dad Will Be Thrilled To Hear
Baby’s Feet Go Pitter-Patter.

Sample Invitation #3

A New Little Baby
Is on the Way.
But If It’s a Boy or Girl
Will Have to Wait for the Big Day.
Join in the Celebration of Kit’s New Little Bundle
At a Pink and Blue Baby Shower.

Not mommy's first baby? Discover adorable wording for your second time around or sprinkle shower.