15 Adorable Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

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    Crochet Baby Hats!

    Melody's Makings

    Crochet baby hats are a top choice for many crafters. You can make them very simple or get really detailed with the designs. There are baby hats for all seasons, in all different styles. The crochet hat patterns here showcase the best variety of different designs for stylish babies.

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    Baby Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

    One-Year-Old's Crochet Turkey Hat FREE Pattern
    The Birds and the B's

    Animal hats are always a popular choice for babies because they just look so cute! Some examples include crochet turkey hats, crochet baby chick hats, and crochet bunny hats.

    Little Turkey Hat by The Birds and The B's

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    Double Crochet Beanie Hat Free Pattern

    Double Crochet Beanie Hat Free Pattern
    Oombawka Design

    Of course, there are much simpler crochet baby hats, as well. The basic beanie worked in double crochet is a nice choice. This crochet patterns comes in all sizes so that you can make matching designs for everyone in the family or make new ones as baby grows up. The designer also offers a variation using a bulky weight yarn.

    Double Crochet Hat by Oombawka Design

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    Sunshine Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Sunshine Crochet Hat
    Pure Peace Crochet

    This variation on a basic crochet hat uses smart color changes and a simple appliqué to create a design that looks like a sun in the sky.

    You Are My Sunshine Hat by Pure Peace Crochet

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    My Favorite Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

    My Favorite Beanie Free Crochet Pattern
    The Stitchin Mommy

    This crochet beanie uses more advanced crochet stitches, including post stitches. It comes in eleven sizes, including lots for babies of different ages. The preemie size is available as a free crochet pattern.

    My Favorite Beanie by The Stitchin Mommy

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    Butterfly Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern

    Butterfly Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern
    Butterfly Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern. Just Be Happy Crochet

    The crochet butterfly stitch is a great design detail that enhances a simple hat, as we can see here on this cute baby hat pattern.

    Butterfly Stitch Crochet Hat by Just Be Happy Crochet

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    Crochet Pixie Bonnet Free Pattern

    Crochet Pixie Bonnet Free Pattern
    B.hooked Crochet

    This pixie bonnet uses a thick-and-thin yarn that works up quickly and ends up super cozy. It is an easy crochet pattern using half double crochet stitches. The tassels on the ends give it a fun shape and style.

    Crochet Pixie Bonnet by B.hooked Crochet

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    Chunky Cabled Heart Hat Crochet Pattern

    Chunky Cabled Heart Hat Crochet Pattern
    Salty Pearl Crochet

    Chunky yarn is combined with a cabling technique for a warm winter hat decorated with beautiful heart shapes. This crochet pattern is offered for free in the toddler size and can be purchased for other sizes, including one for baby.

    Chunky Cabled Heart Hat by Salty Pearl Crochet

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    Crown Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Crown Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern
    Jessica Robbins

    This crochet hat is designed for preemies and newborns and is a terrific option for donating to your local NICU. The brim can be rolled up, which provides a better fit and also looks like a crown.

    Crown Baby Hat by Jessica Robbins

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    Cushion Cluster Beanie Crochet Pattern

    Cushion Cluster Beanie Crochet Pattern
    Stephanie Maher1

    This crochet pattern uses an ombre yarn in combination with cluster stitches to create a design that looks more intricate than it really is. It's a great choice for impressing people with your crochet skills.

    Cushion Cluster Beanie by Stephanie Maher1

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    Crochet Football Earflap Hat

    Crochet Football Baby Hat
    Repeat Crafter Me

    Get baby ready for sports at an early age with this cute crochet football hat! Earflap hats keep baby's ears warm in the wind. They are also often designed, like this one, so that they can be tied underneath baby's chin for a better fit. 

    Crochet Football Earflap Hat by Repeat Crafter Me

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    Seamless Earflap Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Earflap Crochet Hat Pattern
    Lindsey Carr

    This version of an earflap crochet hat uses a terrific yarn selection for colors that pack a punch. This free pattern, available as a download on Ravelry, comes in six sizes from newborn through adult.

    Seamless Earflap Hat by Lindsey Carr

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    Planned Pooling Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

    Planned Pooling Crochet Baby Hat
    Melody's Makings

    Crochet planned pooling is a technique that uses variegated yarn to create a specific pattern, often argyle in inspiration. That's what was done here, worked in pastel colors that soften the pattern for babies.

    Pooling Party Slouch Hat by Melody's Makings

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    Textured Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

    Textured Crochet Baby Sweater Free Pattern
    Textured Crochet Baby Sweater Free Pattern. Suzie's Stuff

    Many crochet baby sweater patterns come as part of a set that also includes a crochet hat. Sets like this are great when you want to make a crochet gift for a baby in your life. This example is a textured pattern designed for babies approximately 6-9 months of age.

    Textured Baby Sweater and Hat by Suzie's Stuff

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    Baby Bonnet and Booties Crochet Pattern

    Baby Bonnet and Booties Crochet Pattern
    Meadowvale Studio

    Don't want to make a whole sweater but still want to make a baby set? A matching crochet baby hat and booties set is always a great choice. This one is an adorable bonnet that will keep the sun off of baby's feet.

    Baby Bonnet and Booties by Meadowvale Studios

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    Leaping Stripes Free Crochet Pattern Set

    Striped Blocks Crochet Hat Free Pattern

    These crochet hats, available in varied sizes, including one for baby, are designed using a unique stitch pattern that Moogly calls "Leaping Stripes and Blocks." These hats are designed to match other patterns using the same stitch, including a crochet blanket and a crochet messenger bag pattern.

    Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanies by Moogly