Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teething Toy Review

Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether

Sophie the Giraffe is a teething toy that offers stimulation to all five of your baby's senses. This teething toy is on the expensive end of its category at about $20. However, it is made of natural rubber and has food-grade, non-toxic paints, so it's free of chemicals that can be present with plastic teething toys. Many babies and parents seem to love Sophie the Giraffe, but there are some parents who say that the teething toy caused their babies to choke.

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  • Natural rubber teething toy with non-toxic paint
  • Giraffe shape allows several soothing surfaces for baby to teethe on
  • Approximately 4 inches by 7 inches by 1 inch


  • Contrasting spots catch baby's attention
  • Natural rubber is soft and soothing for teething babies
  • Size is great for little hands to hold
  • Very durable


  • The giraffe's long legs might cause a baby to gag or choke
  • Expensive for a basic teething toy

Vulli Sophie Review

The simplicity of the Vulli Sophie Giraffe teething toy is nice. It has a retro look and doesn't have any extra parts or pieces, and it doesn't require batteries. The manufacturer says Sophie Giraffe stimulates all give of baby's senses: the spots for sight, a squeaker for sound, and soft rubber that has a unique feel, smell and taste.

There are plenty of little nubs and parts to chew on, from the legs to the ears and nose, so teething babies will certainly enjoy gnawing on Sophie.

The size is right for little hands, too. It's made of natural rubber instead of plastics, so it's BPA- and phthalate-free. The paint is food-grade and non-toxic.

One concern with this toy is that its size makes it easy for baby to cram it all the way in his or her mouth. I've heard from several parents that their baby gagged or even choked when one of the long giraffe legs went down baby's throat.

There are now thousands of customer reviews of the Vulli Sophie teether on Amazon, but a quick look at the 1-star reviews indicates that the choking problem is somewhat common. While the negative reviews make up a small percentage of the total, there are more than 500 1-star reviews. Many of those mention a gagging or choking incident.

Parents should take care to use this toy only in a situation where an adult is watching baby directly. Teething toys get carried around to all sorts of places. They ride in the car seat and stroller, where a parent's eyes aren't always right on baby. If the baby manages to get Sophie's leg too far into the mouth, it's important that someone is close by who can remove it and make sure baby is OK.

There have also been concerns with fake Sophie teethers. Buying the teether from a reputable store should help ensure you get a real Vulli product.

One other concern with this toy is mold. Any toy with a squeaker or hole in the bottom that can be chewed on has the possibility of collecting moisture inside. That means mildew or mold can grow inside it. Keep a close eye on anything growing around the squeaker, and don't let baby use the toy in the bath or during meal times when food could contribute to yuckiness inside.

For every parent with a negative opinion on the Vulli Sophie Giraffe toy, there are many who love this toy and say that their baby responds happily to it. It's a cute toy and definitely offers plenty of chewy, squeaky fun. However, Sophie is pricey for a simple teething toy. This is a popular baby shower gift, and often appears on baby gift registries.