How to Ship a Bacardi Rum Cake

Rum cake
Roozitaa / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

In an email Mary Ann wrote: "Dear Carol, Does the Bacardi Rum cake need to be refrigerated? I would like to know if I can send it to Germany. Any suggestions as to the best way to do that? How to pack it, how long will it keep unrefrigerated, etc."

Hey Mary Ann,
No, it doesn't have to be refrigerated. You've just got to love the holding power of rum and sugar. I've sent mine by getting a large cookie tin.

Then I lined it with a large ziplock bag. Next I sliced the cake and put it inside the ziplock in the tin. (You could do it whole if you can find a large enough tin.) I zipped-up the bag. To keep the cake from moving around inside the tin, add some type of packing material. Then I taped the tin shut all the way around the opening. Put it in a sturdy box. Surrounded the tin with crunched-up newspapers. Make sure you pack the box tight. Next I sealed the box and mailed it. It got there just fine. They ate on it for days.

I think the cake could last for weeks, but no one I know of has had theirs around that long.

Good luck!