Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Games

Women toasting each other with champagne at a party
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A bachelor party is typically given to a man who is about to get married. Generally, the party is thrown by the man's friends, and usually, only men go to a bachelor party. On the other hand, a bachelorette party is given for a woman who is about to get married, and often only women attend the event. Bridal showers are often held earlier than the bachelorette party for the convenience of the bride-to-be.

A Brief History of Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties 

The history of these types of parties dates back to a traditional European celebratory dinner given in honor to the groomsman before his marriage to his new wife. Eventually, this formed into a luncheon for the bride as well, over several centuries. Elaborate parties were thrown for both the bride and the groom over the years at separate events, leading to what we know today as the modern bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

While several bachelor and bachelorette parties revolve around drinking all night and having strippers over, some parties consist of some cleaner bachelor party games that add a little bit of extra laughter to the group. The following bachelor party game ideas help take the groom and bride-to-be off of all those pre-wedding jitters.

The Best Games for a Bachelor Party

  • Bachelor Party Fun: This site sells games for bachelor parties, such as naked girl trading cards, and X-rated items. Gag gifts, discounted party supplies, and party planning ideas are also vast. Whether hiring a dancer, dressing up a stripper, or simply planning out some pranks, Bachelor Party Fun knows how to make the best of the night to be for the bachelor and his friends.
  • Bachelor Party Tips: Finding ideas for all kinds of drinking games is easy with Bachelor Party Tips. The bachelor's buddies can get the laughter flowing with games like Quarters, Anchor Man, and Three Man.
  • BarMeister Drinking Games: Drinking games of all types live here, including games to play while watching movies, games with dice, card games, and board games classics like ultimate beer pong.
  • Bar None Drinking Games: This large range of games includes dice, endurance, luck, speed, cards and more.
  • Poker Games: Poker is one the most classic male gathering games. If drinking heavily isn't the style of the bachelor or the group, try challenging one another at the card table.

Bachelorette Party Games

Pre-wedding parties for the bride have come a long way since the traditional, appliance-oriented bridal shower. Many girls now want to have some naughty fun too. Those in charge of planning that final fling for their best gal pal can start by looking at some of the following bachelorette party game ideas:

  • Bachelorette Fun and Games: These 21 bachelorette party games range from printable games like scavenger hunts, question games, and groom quizzes. There are more naughty games like Guess the Panties, Ex Charades, and Stud or Dud for the more taboo players.
  • Bachelorette Party Fun: Picking up a few games and items is a must. This bachelorette party supply store lists 25 games and a scavenger hunt that can be played during the party. From items like Pecker Mini Sucker to Sexy Male Playing Cards, the bachelorette is bound to have some party fun.