Bachelorette Party Ideas and Themes

Friends at a bachelorette celebration


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In the movies, a bachelorette party is nothing more than a drunken party with a male stripper, but creative brides and bridesmaids throw far more fun events all the time. If you're feeling stumped on what to plan, here are some bachelorette party ideas to get you started.

The Spa Party

This beloved theme is perfect for a bachelorette party. It can be as extravagant as going to a resort for a pampering weekend, and as simple as gathering at someone's house to paint each other's nails and eat delicious food. In order to make it feel like a proper bachelorette party, you may wish to ask guests to bring a funny story about the bride or groom, or you may want to incorporate games such as pin the cucumber on the groom.

Girls' Weekend Away

Once you're married, it might be hard to get away for a weekend with the girls. Use the bachelorette party as an excuse to go on a weekend vacation, either close by or far away. Such a trip will give you time for "being wild" as well as time to catch up with each other and have spa time. Be sure to keep in mind that not all of the bridesmaids may be able to afford an extravagant vacation, so it might be a good idea to survey intended guests before making a final decision. Also, check with a travel agent to see what kind of group rates you can get.

"Sex and the City" Bachelorette Party

This is a great theme when you're holding the event in someone's home. On the invitations, instruct guests to dress as their favorite character. Don't bother spending a lot of time making food for this event--after all, the girls on SATC were never seen cooking. Instead, serve takeout Chinese as Miranda would. For a present, give the bride Charlotte's favorite vibrator--the Rabbit Pearl. Drink cosmos of course, and if you think your crowd would appreciate it, channel Samantha by showing some gay male porn. Since most straight porn is made for boys and focuses on female porn stars, women can really enjoy one made for gay men.

Retail Therapy by Limousine

Rent a limo for the day, stock it with a good bottle of champagne, and pick up all the girls for a fun day of boutique shopping. Your bride-to-be will feel like a star popping in and out of her favorite shops while taking breaks in a stretch limo. Arrange to end the day with foot-pampering pedicures.

If you're looking for a more wild time, a limousine is perfect for taking everyone out to the clubs for the night. It will likely be cheaper than taking cabs and will ensure no one is drinking and driving.

It's in the Stars

Every soon-to-be-bride is thinking about her future, so why not turn this into a bachelorette party theme by hiring an astrologer, fortune teller, or tarot card reader to come to your house. Arrange for each party guest to get a short reading, with a longer featured reading for the bride-to-be. This bachelorette party idea is a great one for decorating--use your imagination to turn your living room into a fortune teller's parlor, complete with mood lighting, drapes of fabric, and wonderful scents.

Sports-Themed Bachelorette Party

If you've got an athletic bride, don't try to force her into drinking girly drinks and wearing a veil. Instead, take everyone out to see a minor-league ball team, or arrange a tournament of the bride's favorite sport. Get everyone to go camping, or arrange a long bike ride to a park, where the less-athletic guests can meet you for a picnic.

Strippers and Bar Crawls

If your bride really wants a wild night to remember, her bachelorette party is as good a night as any other. Make sure you communicate with the bride and ensure that she wants to have strippers--not only could she end up having a horrible time at her own party, but an unplanned-for stripper could cause arguments with her husband-to-be. Consider whether you'd rather have a stripper come to you, or go to a strip club, which tends to add more fun to your party. Not only will the other patrons add to the energy and excitement, but it can help a nervous groom to know that his bride will be out in public.

You can plan some bachelorette party games, such as Suck for a Buck--where a bride wears a candy necklace with a t-shirt that advertises a suck of the necklace for a dollar. Another one is a scavenger hunt or similar game, where the bride has to find items such as condoms, men's phone numbers, cocktail straws, etc. or complete tasks such as getting five guys to agree to let her sign their stomach.