25 Back Porch Ideas For the Ultimate Backyard Oasis

back porch ideas

Design by Marie Flanigan Interiors / Photo by Julie Soefer

The front porch is all about welcoming and curb appeal, designed as much for guests and passersby as for yourself. But the back porch is an intimate space designed exclusively for you and yours, tailored to your lifestyle and preferred ways of passing time in the privacy of your own backyard.

A back porch can be anything from a an outdoor dining area for family meals and entertaining to a romantic spot for unwinding with your partner, to a solitary spot for contemplating the view. Your back porch decor can be minimalist and designed to blend into the background, or packed with outdoor furniture and accessories that rival your interior or look like an extension of the inside of your home.

Whether you're designing a space for getting more enjoyment out of your weekends, staycations, or the warm carefree days of summer, check out these back porch ideas that explore some of the endless possibilities for creating your own stylish and private backyard oasis.

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    Commit to All-White

    back porch

    Design by Ghislaine Viñas / Photo by Garrett Rowland

    This open and airy Hudson Valley, New York back porch from NYC-based interior designer Ghislaine Viñas is part of a wrap-around porch that circles the entire home. The main back porch sitting area is outfitted like an outdoor living room, with comfortable upholstered seating in shades of creamy white that melts into the all-white walls, scaffolding, siding, and porch ceiling, leaving the focus on the lush green wide open views.

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    Embrace the Darkness

    back porch ideas

    Design by Michelle Berwick Design

    Using dark neutral colors such as black, charcoal gray, or brown will help to ground your back porch and make it feel more relaxing. This back porch from Michelle Berwick Design has a dark wall that creates a calming feel and contrasts with the warm pine wood ceiling and wood flooring.

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    Lay an Area Rug

    back porch ideas

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Stoffer Photography

    Laying an area rug in an outdoor space will instantly make it feel more comfortable and welcoming. Kate Marker Interiors added an indoor/outdoor rug to this screened in back porch that anchors the seating area and adds a graphic note that contrasts with all the wood and stone.

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    Hang Oversized Pendant Lights

    back porch ideas

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Jeanne Canto

    Calimia Home hung oversized jute pendants lights over a casual dining area on this 1930s Miami Beach back porch that doesn't fight with the architecture and creates an effortless modern space for outdoor family meals.

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    Build In a Banquette

    back porch ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    This back porch from Fantastic Frank was built for congregating and conviviality, with a large built-in U-shaped banquette upholstered with cheerful red-and-white striped fabric and a wood-clad ceiling with exposed beams that adds warmth.

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    Whitewash the Ceiling

    back porch ideas

    Design by Matthew Carter Interiors

    This Harbour Island, Bahamas back porch from Matthew Carter Interiors has a lightly whitewashed wood ceiling that helps to create a chic lived-in finish that complements the white painted iron dining set and patterned tile wall in the background.

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    Hang Billowy Curtains

    back porch

    Fantastic Frank

    This breezy porch on the Spanish island of Mallorca from Fantastic Frank has blue-and-white striped upholstered rattan armchairs, colorful flowering bushes, and white walls, floors, and billowy curtains that can be tied back or left closed depending on how much sun is desired.

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    Match the Setting

    back porch

    Design by Tyler Karu / Photo by Erin Little

    This Maine back porch from interior designer Tyler Karu is designed in harmony with the wooded setting, with forest green paint on the trim, green bistro chairs, and wood siding, flooring, and a wood-topped dining table.

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    Add Some Skylights

    back porch ideas

    Design by Becca Interiors

    This screened back porch from Design by Becca Interiors has the feel of a great room, with its rooftop skylight windows, pair of chandeliers, and comfortably appointed seating and dining areas.

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    Install a Ceiling Fan

    back porch ideas

    Design by Marie Flanigan Interiors / Photo by Julie Soefer

    This back porch from Marie Flanigan Interiors has brick walls and columns, a wood-clad ceiling, a stone floor, and a comfortable dining area for memorable summer dinners with family and friends. A ceiling fan helps keep the breezes flowing on hot summer nights.

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    Repurpose a Vintage Trunk

    back porch ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    On this back porch from My 100 Year Old Home, a painted green trunk with a worn patina doubles as a coffee table while adding some vintage charm.

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    Stay Neutral

    back porch ideas

    Design by JK Interior Living

    This back porch dining area from JK Interior Living is located just off the living room, and decorated in similar neutral tones to create a seamless transition between the indoors and out.

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    Decorate With Mirrors

    back porch ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    Adding unexpected decorative elements like a mirror can help lift your back porch design. On this simple garden-facing back porch from Fantastic Frank, a small gilded vintage mirror reflects light and adds an element of surprise. For even more drama, a tall leaning window mirror positioned against the wall of an open back porch will open up the space and double the view.

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    Choose a Sculptural Coffee Table

    back porch ideas

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Jeanne Canto

    To keep this outdoor seating area from looking too one note, Calimia Home chose a sculptural coffee table with organic lines that contrasts with the classic architecture and contemporary furnishings and creates a focal point.

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    Install Glass Pane Pocket Doors

    back porch ideas

    Design by Mel Bean Interiors /Photo by Laurey Glenn

    This spacious back porch from Mel Bean Interiors has a wall of sliding glass pane window doors that open up the wall between indoors and out in this space designed for family time and entertaining a crowd.

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    Use Curved Furniture

    back porch ideas

    Design by House of One / Photo by Lifestyle Production Group

    This backyard Florida porch from House of One has a pair of contemporary curved half-moon sofas each with a matching fire pit that creates a sophisticated spot for outdoor living and entertaining against a tropical backdrop of palm trees and landscaped gardens.

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    Treat Yourself

    back porch

    Design by Tyler Karu / Photo by Erin Little

    This Maine beach house back porch from interior designer Tyler Karu is an escapist dream built for one, with its single armchair accessorized with a chunky knit blanket, little round side table with a high rim to pose a glass and a book, and serene wraparound water view that goes on as far as the eye can see.

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    Add a Farm Table

    back porch

    Designed by William Hunter Collective / Styled by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Tramp-Ligorria

    This back porch designed by William Hunter Collective and styled by Emily Henderson Design features a wooden farm table, backless bench, rattan chairs, a floating candleholder, and a generous smattering of plants to create a cozy place for a fair weather meal.

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    Use Low Slung Seating

    back porch

    Design by Maite Granda

    Interior designer Maite Granda added a conversation zone with low slung seating and a small round coffee table that's perfect for setting the teenagers up for afternoon refreshments while the adults have their own more formal seating area on the opposite side of the back porch.

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    Add Geometric Tile Flooring

    back porch

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photography

    This spacious back porch from Cathie Hong Interiors has minimalist furniture and decor, allowing the dynamic geometric patterned floor tile to make a statement and add a sense of movement to the space between the back door and the yard.

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    Try an Indoor Outdoor Floor Lamp

    back porch

    Design by Maite Granda

    The options for indoor outdoor lighting are endless these days, from portable LED lighting to weatherproof lighting that looks as stylish as anything you would find indoors. A tall floor lamp adds an outdoor living room vibe to this Florida back porch from interior designer Maite Granda.

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    Slipcover the Couch

    back porch

    Design by Jenn Pablo Studio

    The outdoor slipcovered couch on this poolside back porch from Jenn Pablo Studio is stylish enough to work indoors, accessorized with stone-colored throw pillows and a sculptural wood coffee table that brings the organic laid back California vibes.

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    Accessorize It

    back porch

    Design by Maite Granda

    This Florida poolside back porch from interior designer Maite Granda has simple outdoor furniture that's embellished with an indoor/outdoor rug, a pair of decorative lanterns, and a flowering orchid that adds a note of color and height on a side table.

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    Install a Wall-Mounted TV

    back porch

    Designed by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Tramp-Ligorria

    This homey back porch from Emily Henderson Design has comfortable furnishings, farmhouse-style lanterns, and a wall-mounted TV for hosting al fresco movie nights.

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    Keep It Simple

    back porch ideas

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design

    This New Jersey beachfront home from Christina Kim Interior Design has an ocean view that is visible from the back porch, and the upstairs balcony that is built on top of it. The porch is outfitted simply with a pair of chairs and a small table that purposefully fades into the background, providing a peaceful spot for morning coffee, evening drinks, or contemplating the ocean from a shady and comfortable perch.