Back to School Cross Stitch Patterns

Time to be cool for school with Back To School cross stitch patterns

 Are you ready to start back to school? While most kids would scream, "NO!" parents around the world are saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Heading back to school doesn't have to be a sad situation with these Back to School cross stitch patterns.These patterns can be stitched up any time of the year. You don't need to wait for the assignment from the teacher, go out on your own for a little cross stitch extra credit.  From primitive patterns to abstract artwork, you can express...MORE yourself and show off your cross stitch talents to those around you. 

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    Pineberry Proper Sisters School of Needlework

    Proper Sisters School
    Pineberry Lane

    Who doesn't want go to this needlework school, even with the sisters being so proper. These teachers would teach everyone their techniques and etiquette. We could have tea and stitch all day. Pineberry Lane created this folksy primitive pattern with a wonderful story behind it.Unlike most primitive patterns, this one is not as haunting  as the other ones you will see. This is whimsical and fun. You can purchase it from the website and download the pattern or elect to have it mailed to you....MORE Online is $2.00 cheaper than the paper pattern. You can find the pattern HERE.  

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    Color Pencil Cross Stitch From Craft with Ruth Cartwright

    Craft by Ruth Cartwright

     This pattern of colorful pencils would look so wonderful on a pencil case or backpack. Craft with Ruth Cartwright has this on her blog for free. Wouldn't it be neat to inscribe your name on these pencils? You can customize the colors to express the true you...jewel tones, pastels...become your inner goth... This would be a great gift for an artist. You can make a pencil case with this pattern and fill it with art supplies for them to take on their new adventure. It would also be fun in a...MORE teacher's studio.Besides using different colors, you can use different types of stitches to give the piece extra dimension,depth and style. The pattern, along with other freebies, can be found on her website HERE. 

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    Students in Class by Luli

    Students in Class

     Oh the memories of being back in class with your best friends. We all had schoolmates that we hung out with with when we were children and some of us still have them in our lives today. This very sweet cross stitch created by Luli reminds us of those bygone school days when the only thing we had to worry about was if little Jimmy wanted to be our boyfriend. This pattern would be adorable on a sweater or jacket. Can't you just imagine a kindergarten teacher with this pattern on a dress? She...MORE would be the sweetest and most perfect teacher. It would also be great on a totebag for the library or toys.  This free pattern, along with other great free stuff can be found HERE. 

There are so many ideas for cross stitching your way back to school. These are just fraction of the patterns out there. From vintage to modern, there is a stitchy sampler for everyone. Even though these patterns are back to school, they would be any time of the year. You can stitch them up for teachers and for students. They would be perfect on bags holding supplies or as a sampler in an office or classroom. You can customize your piece to make it a more personal gift. Why not make something for yourself while you are at it. One for a friend, one for you. Cross stitching is an excellent way to pass the time when you are on the bus, and who knows, you might even gain a fan and teach someone a new craft. Whether you make a pencil bag for yourself or show your teacher how much you appreciate them with a sentimental piece on a tote bag, have some fun with these functional yet spicy ideas. School doesn't have to be a downer with these patterns and a little imagination.