New Back to School Toys and Gear

Back To School Toys and Accessories

Now that you have finished buying all the boring supplies, the kids are ready for some new back to school toys and gear! Elementary school children are learning to read and get used to a homework routine. Younger children might be off to a preschool or daycare program for the first time. Older children may want additional items to decorate their back pack and locker.

After you purchase the binders, backpacks, pens and pencils, check out some new back to school toys and gear that will help start...MORE the new school year off with some fun while celebrating learning, too.

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    Ok to Wake Alarm Clock

    Playmonster Mirari Alarm Clock

    It is important for everyone to be on time during the school year. Are the kids having trouble waking up for the school day? Are they waking up to early, excited for the day? There are kid-friendly alarm clocks that not only beep when it's time to wake up, for the early risers who can not tell time, the front of the clock will turn green when it's okay to get out of bed for the day.

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    American Plastics Easel
    American Plastics

    An easel is not just a place for drawing and coloring for fun time, it is a perfect place to serve as a homework station, too. A slanted surface on an easel helps younger toddlers and preschoolers improve their grasp patterns for holding crayons and markers when they learn to write. The best easels can also serve as a storage place for their pens, pencils and crayons. 

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    Table and Chair For Homework

    Kids Table and chairs

    Homework is boring and not all kids enjoy completing it. Consider buying a smaller table and set of chairs for an additional homework space away from the kitchen table for kids to call their own.

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    Young Elementary Schoolboy walking up to school carrying backpack and brown bag for lunch or show/tell.
    AsISeeIt / Getty Images

    Going to school is exciting and scary at the same time, especially for kids who are shy. A personalized backpack or lunch box with a child's favorite characters like Paw Patrol puppies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Disney Princesses, can help kids show their personalized style, but also serve to help find new friends who have similar interests. 

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    Square Panda iPad Phonics Program for Kids
    Square Panda

    Identifying letters and organizing them into words is a prerequisite skill for reading. Square Panda is a phonics based learning program for children 2-8. Kids can hold and manipulate real plastic letters, then use them in conjunction with apps on their iPad or Android tablet to learn letter awareness, letter sounds and help improve their reading.

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    VTech Smartwatch DX2

    Kidizoom Smartwatch D2

    The school year brings a lot of new timeframes. Kids are forced to a schedule of waking up on time, arriving for the bus, and being on-time for after school sports and activities. The Vtech Smartwatch DX2, is more than just a watch. It can take pictures and videos of their friends. It includes a calculator and customized clock faces which can help younger children learn to tell time.

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    nabi compete fitness tracker
    nabi Compete

    Ever wondered how many steps your kids do at school? Worried they might be sitting to long at their desks? A fitness tracker for kids is a great back to school purchase. Do not be surprised when logging in the first time to see your child has walked 20,000 steps in a school day! Those little feet can get lots of steps in, despite being at school all day.

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    Father and children lying in bed with tablet
    Getty Images / Hero Images

    Many children have tablets for gaming and watching television, but they also have educational uses, too.  If your child has a tablet already, look at the included the apps. Tablets often include timers, alarm clocks, editing software for projects, an ability to take pictures and videos, and calculators to check their math work, and  the ability to safely browse the internet on educator approved websites. Some also include educational apps to support math and reading skills, too.

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    Boogie board jot 4.5 with Clearview

    Boogie Board writing tablets are LCD writing surfaces. Using the attached pen, kids can draw pictures and use them as a way to take notes or practice writing their letters and numbers. Parents like using them to make to-do lists, too.

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    Backpack Keychains

    LEgO Star Wars mini figure Backpack Keychains
    Ben Perry / Stringer Getty Images

    Personalizing the backpack is not just important for style, but it can also help make pick up easier! Adding a child's favorite keychains and toys to their backpack, allows them to spot it easier during dismissal.   Emojis and LEGO minifigures are popular backpack keychains.

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    Locker Decorations

    Locker Decorations
    Birthday Express / Amazon

    Being in middle school is all about showcasing a sense of style and personality. Many children request supplies to decorate their locker. Wall paper, mirrors, stickers, and magnetic photo holders are some of the most popular back to school decorations for lockers.

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    Make Your Own Water Bottle Kit

    Color Your Own Water Bottle
    Horizon Group

    It is really important for kids to stay hydrated throughout their school day. Water helps the brain focus and improve memory. Many children also have the same water bottle. This make your own water bottle kit is a fun way to personalize a water bottle to stay hydrated, and always be able to find it! The water bottle is BPA-free.

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    Make Your Own School Bus

    Antsy Pants School Bus
    Antsy Pants

    Antsy Pants play kits offer children so much creativity and imagination in their everyday world. Using rods and connectors, while following picture instructions, families can create life-sized pretend play structures for use anywhere in their home.  Additional fabric accessory kits are purchased separately. The school bus is perfect for back to school! Other popular choices are a lemonade stands, pirate ships, circus tents, and a farmers market.

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    LeapStart Book
    Leap Frog

    The LeapStart is an interactive learning system for kids ages 2 and up. It's a great way for little kids to celebrate the start of the year, while they engage in fun activities that promote reading, letter and number awareness, math, science and life skills. Books for the LeapStart do need to be bought separately and a computer with the internet is needed to download the content of the book onto the LeapStart. 

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    Ride On School Bus

    Ride On School bus
    American Plastics

    School buses in the real world are enormous to children. They are not something that kids often have the luxury of controlling or driving. However, there is a great little ride-on toy for toddlers that is a school bus ride-on toy. The seat even lifts up to hold toy items they want to drive around their home.

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    Toy School Bus

    Little People School Bus
    Fisher Price

    Many parents are terrified of the milestone when their children are old enough to ride the school bus. However, most children can not wait to hop on board the school bus for a ride. Younger babies, toddlers and preschool aged children can work out their excitements and fears, as they await the big day the bus stops at their driveway for the first time by playing with a toy school bus.

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    Arts and Crafts Supplies

    Little girl doing arts and crafts
    People Images / Getty Images

    Buying arts and crafts supplies are a given. Teachers always ask for crayons, markers and scissors. Doing homework and projects is not fun, so set aside a small budget for some fun arts and crafts supplies and make boring projects a little more fun and pick up some smelly markers, twistable crayons, pom poms, stickers and paints.